White Rhino

White Rhino

The White Rhino strain is a reflective strain and known as a Doob Dasher that emulates a rhino horn in large part as he’s the kid of the White Widow and appears to look like a rhino horn, this Ganjaexpress.to White Rhino is perfect for those who like to rest and sedate high, and it can benefit those who suffer with depression and nerve pain problems.


Doob Dasher White Rhino is a dynamic strain with a powerful indica that has several second-place successes in a myriad of Cannabis competitions. This strange titled Ganjaexpress.to White Rhino known for its special, weed top, which emulates very forceful rhinoceros is famous for its overwhelmingly strong levels and its distinctive taste. Ganjaexpress.to White Rhino is one of many strains with a strange parentage, and though people recognize that White Widow is her distant relative, people also had no idea what other strain has been used to make this powerful indica.

Doob Dasher White Rhino is an indica cross of about 80 percent Indica genetics and 20 percent Sativa. This ensures that you should anticipate a limited amount of Sativa results to match its anticipated suggestive effect, enabling a slight cortical high to hold your soulful body up.


Like its parent breed, Ganjaexpress.to White Rhino has a strong earthy scent that is supported by solid oak components such as wood and maple. You should hope to detect the peacefulness of the old forest as you first break the seed, as well as the constant fragrance that is not that far from the natural tree sap.

When smoked, the fragrance starts to dissipate, followed with a distinctly oaky smell that is strongly suggestive of antique store furniture.

This Ganjaexpress.to White Rhino has a large range of nuances, not just in its fragrance, but also in its taste.



Like many other Indica varieties, the taste of Ganjaexpress.to White Rhino is very closely related to its scent. You should predict a tonne of aromatic woodiness supported with a slightly spicy flavor.

Ganjaexpress.to White Rhino, however, is a strain that develops flavor when the smoke progresses. The complete flavor of White Rhino is an interesting mix of the mature oak in combination with the unusual smoky performance that is remarkably close to a forest fire.

Ganjaexpress.to White Rhino is a strain of insanely high average THC per plant. White Rhino beats a significant number of other indicia hybrids at concentrations of pure THC with upper measurements registered at 22% and average plant yields of 18%.

That large amount of THC makes Ganjaexpress.to White Rhino kind of risky for new users – you might find yourself completely knocked out if you’re not familiar to the powerful white rhino.


Like a high strength hybrid, Ganjaexpress.to White Rhino is known to be highly beneficial for psychiatric illnesses. A number of diverse strains can do their utmost to fight conditions such as large amounts of stress, anxiety, or depression.

Ganjaexpress.to White Rhino is a highly efficient pain reliever which has been proving to be helpful for people with major and minor problems, and is always trying to relieve them immediately. This strain can reduce joint pain, migraines, and even menstrual cramps, making it a very powerful tool to manage pain.


Ganjaexpress.to White Rhino is the ideal setting for insomniacs because it is a heavy body indicia, and it helps you feel very drowsy. It can calm your body enough to let you sleep on a pleasurable night if you are interested in enjoying this perfect sedate high Ganjaexpress.to White Rhino, so why are you waiting now. Just visit Ganjaexpress.to and order this ideal strain White Rhino and find yourself completely knocked out.

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