What is a silicone bong?

What is a silicone bong?

When we at Online Dispensary Canada talk about different cannabis smoking devices, silicone-built devices are one of the most common among novice and seasoned smokers. Since this is something that any follower of cannabis enjoys. Silicone has been thoroughly tested and accepted as healthy in a variety of consumer products. Here is his post; we can explore why silicone bongs and pipes are the perfect and hottest choice among cannabis users.

Without a doubt, a smoking silicon pipe or a bong is exactly like a glass bong. We all know that plastic products have side effects when heated, but on the other hand, silicone bong does not heat or melt or release poisonous gases and chemical components, which is why they are very safe for cannabis consumers. That is why High-quality silicone is suitable for bongs and pipes.

Ideal for storing waxes and oils

If you are a weed user and enjoy dabbing, so you know how important it is not to waste wax, and you also know how complicated it is. However, if you’re using silicone bong and pipe, you don’t have to think about it.

No matter how sticky the wax or oil is, it doesn’t stick to the silicone, so you can quickly scoop with a dab tool.

They are indestructible and perfect.

Silicone smoking equipment is a gift to many smokers since it is unbreakable. Smokers break five glass bongs or pipes in a year, according to recent surveys. Silicone bongs are still the best alternative for smokers. This makes them ideal for gatherings that are quickly used by multiple participants or peoples.

Dishwasher Safe

The silicone bongs and pipes or other devices at Online Dispensary Canada are used to make high standard food-grade, which ensures that tossing your filthy bong or pipe into the washer is completely healthy. This polymer is heat tolerant and thermally stable, maintaining much of its properties across a large spectrum of temperatures from -100 to 250 Celsius.

Fun designs

The designs you can print on these things “made by silicon” are unlimited, and their shapes are impressive. You will also find some fascinating from your favourite TV programme. Like a knock-off band, which you purchased in the car park of a concert hall, the silicone bongs have been a treasure for cannabis consumers for several years.

It may be a special moment to purchase a glass item, but it may also be a very costly moment. Still, on the other hand, silicone bongs are not expensive. Furthermore, if you carry it on journeys with you and it is the perfect option for those who need something classy and stylish for their cannabis style.

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