Weedsmart new products

If convenience and amazing weed are what you’re looking for, then Weedsmart is the website you need to log on to as soon as possible. We want to make it easier for medicated marijuana users to easily have access to the finest strains at the touch of their fingertips.

Purple wreck

Weedsmart beautiful specimen of marijuana is a gorgeous and vibrant color with an incredible smell. The gorgeous look also verifies how flavorful and intense the strain is. It is bound to give you the buzz of your life as it as an amazing and stimulating process that will help you relax and lay back. All that stress and anxiety gets pulled away with one drag. Purple wrekc is the perfect example of what we at Weed Smart attain in our mission.

‘Sticky Buns’ Tahoe OG x Lambs Breath

Characterized by a pungent aroma, sticky buns is a citrusy induced smell and flavor that heightens the thrill of your buzz. It also has a lovely glow to it as it is an ecstatic color of yellow or green that is evidence enough of how potent this product is. It can have you thinking creatively in 15 minutes and also help numb all the soreness in your body. Therefore you end up feeling relaxed and high at the same time, making the buzz elevate your mind and body. Just be warned when it comes to the munchies.

Blueberry skunk strain

Weedsmart host a  beautiful breed of marijuana is an intense one with a strong, pungent smell that radiates skunk. Despite the overwhelming smell, it gives off a fruity taste that is sour, which is why it is so good with marijuana users. It’s a wonderful experience as it gets you high and into the state of cerebral stimulation, which helps ease your brain’s activity. To put the cherry on top, it helps reduce the pain in your body, migraines, and you let go of all the stress of the day.