Togoweed’s Edibles- A must try

Now you can get your favorite cannabis-induced edibles including drinks, sweets, and candies at Togoweed. With innovative advancement in the cannabis industry, it is now possible to consume cannabis without smoking. Togoweed brings you a wide range of cannabis induced edibles from which you can choose the one you prefer and enjoy the therapeutic euphoria THC offers without smoking.

Cannabis is everywhere these days- and it’s because it actually is. Being legalized in various countries around the world, it is now easily available for everyone. Everybody wants to try it and feel what it’s like but they do not want to smoke it- this is where edibles come in.

Edibles are fun to use and people get to remain smoke-free while enjoying the euphoria cannabis brings along with it. As the cannabis industry is evolving, edibles are now available in several different categories. Togoweed brings you a huge collection of edibles that you can purchase to your liking. Here’s a list of the top 4.

1- Gummies

Priced at only $8, gummies are all-time favorites for everyone. All of us love gummy bears and chewy candies so Togoweed came up with Gemmies. With a 5 mg induction of THC per gemmy, a pack will get you an amazing 35 mg, allowing you to enjoy the effect of THC while chewing that yummy candy.

2- THC Drink Mix by Elix

We can smoke cannabis. Sounds normal. We can eat cannabis through edibles. Okay. Nonetheless, you can also drink cannabis! Yes, now you can. Togoweed brings you THC Drink Mix which packs a total of 30mg THC. It comes in two scrumptious flavors, strawberry lemonade and berry lemonade which will tantalize your taste buds when you sip it. Oh, and of course, it will get you a high by drinking.

3- Sativa Cara-Melts (80 mg THC) by Twisted Extracts

These Sativa Cara Melt candies are for caramel lovers who like to get high in style. Each candy packs 8 mg of THC which is summed up to 80 mg in a pack. A must-try for caramel lovers wanting to get high.


4- Chocolate Shatter Brownies (60/240mg THC) by Eu4ia Extractions

Now, who doesn’t love chocolate? We all do, right? Togoweed also knows that and thus brings you chocolate shatter brownies that melt in your mouth with overflowing chocolate. Consisting of either 60 mg or 240 mg of THC, you can now choose your preference and enjoy getting high in the yummiest manner.