Things you have to do while smoking weed or stoned

Things you have to do while smoking weed or  stoned.

After the legalization of cannabis, there is a lot of information available on the internet regarding Togoweed cannabis knowledge. By pressing one click, you can find the right strains according to your needs. Other choices include identifying the proper techniques for ingestion of marijuana or the best food edibles that taste best. The list is going and continuing!

But when you’re high, there’s a lot less clarity on what to do! Some might not seem straightforward, but we guarantee seasoned smokers will remind you that they have a couple of pleasant things to do when they are high.

Here in this post, we share some of the activities you ought to try while you’re high. So please read it and brace yourself for the best experience in life!

Try walking and enjoy your surroundings.

You can’t imagine how weird the world is when you walk stoned. Not so, but it’s a fun thing to do after blazing up. You’re not going to believe the stuff you’re going to discover and that your mind can pay extra heed to while you’re moving around.

It might be hard to move after you get high, but there’s nothing like a trip to shift your mind, pound your heart, and swirl your imagination.

Tai Chi

Allow the most of your awareness by practicing and doing Tai Chi supported by Togoweed. You can know something about your breathing, your pulse, and the flow of energy from the head to the back. That’s going to make Tai Chi, and it’s going to be high, more relaxing.


Some people can do a lot while they are high, and cleaning is an excellent example to make fair use of the unexpected burst of energy. You are using the healthy efficiency to brightly clean your house or apartment to see how you can clean it up in a while, like a dirty lobby wardrobe. You should take advantage of your additional focus abilities to invest your time wisely.


Cook something new

Think of cooking a new meal if you don’t want to do something too active but want to do something positive. The new aromas and smells are exciting and soothing, and you can fly at your own pace while you whip food.

Chat with friends or someone else.

You never know what thoughts could come to your mind when you’re stoned. You can talk to an old colleague for a minute, feeling a bit less nervous than normal, and see how you can communicate with them.

Or if you don’t want someone to dig through your old business, start talking to someone you’ve been talking to recently, including your relatives or your dearest friends, to see what they can do. It’s something that we now take for granted to spend time chatting to loved ones, but it’s always fun to hang out with someone outside the normal contact points, even when you’re stoned.