4 Fun Facts About Cannabis

Imagine having a party at your place where all your friends are trying to one-up each other and show who’s the smartest. Now, imagine sitting in their midst with a smug smile on your face and an impressive bong in your hands.

Do you want to know why you have that captivating grin plastered across your face? Well, you, my friend, have the ace up your sleeve. You’re about to drop some fun and mind-boggling cannabis facts on them, which will surely leave them ogling at your brilliant noggin.

So, let’s take a look at four of the most mind-bending cannabis facts you will ever learn!

Bhutan Is Overloaded with Cannabis

What can we say? Some countries are just more blessed than others, and Bhutan certainly tops the list! The country is so overloaded with cannabis that it grows everywhere. It’s as common as grass; you can spot it growing in the wild and also find it pushing its way through concrete sidewalks. It’s so common that Bhutanese people use it to feed their pigs.

The Cannabis Craze Is At Least 12,000 Years

According to the book Marihuana: The First 12,000 Years, people have been using cannabis for at least 12,000 people. Yeah, our ancestors sure knew how to party! And Togoweed keeps the party going!

Cannabis Was the First Product to be Sold Online

In the early 1970s, a bunch of Stanford students used ARPANET accounts to get in touch with students at MIT to arrange a cannabis sale. Of course, it was an illegal black-market sale, but it still counts in our books Togoweed offres up a side quality of cannabis goods for you to choose from.

The Unbeatable Shakespeare Smoked Cannabis

The illustrious maestro of words used to smoke pot. Scientists discovered 400-year-old pipes in the genius’s home garden in Stratford-upon-Avon. Out of the twenty-four pipes that they discovered, eight of them contained remnants of cannabis. Guess we finally know where he got the courage to break apart the eternal lovers Romeo and Juliet!


So, now that we have divulged some unbeatable cannabis facts, why don’t you head to Togoweed for your stash of high-quality cannabis. We aren’t claiming that Togoweed cannabis will help you get brains like Shakespeare, but it will surely lead you to experience a glorious, unrivaled high!