Chemdawg available at Terra Cannabis is a nicely blended hybrid cannabis strain that has become quite popular over the past few years for its pungent smell and effects. It smells and tastes like diesel and spicy wet earth.  With THC levels being at around 19%, Chendawg not only relaxes the mind but also sets it free from negative, overpowering thoughts making the body feeling light. Besides, giving a euphoric feeling, it also helps to increase creativity to some extent. Terra Cannabis’ Chemdawg can be an excellent choice for having it alongwith friends or while having a romantic night with your lover.

Rumoured to stem from a cross of a Nepalese and Thai sativa, Chemdawg is said to be shrouded in myth and mystery. It is marked by its world-class potency. Just catch a whiff of it and there you go !

Lets have a look at some of its unique features :


The most peculiar feature of Chemdawg is it’s pungent smell. The strong diesel haze and earthy –pine blend makes it’s the smelliest strain, stinking the room even long after the user may have left it.


The taste is as same as the smell. The strong diesel flavor which reminds of some chemical at times leaves a lasting impression on the tongue However, due to its pine and lemony aftertaste, it still makes for a unique and pleasurable smoking experience.


Terra Cannabis Chemdawg has high THC levels, which induce a very heavy, intensely high and wildly euphoric feeling which is richly enjoyable. A few puffs lead to uncontrollable giggles.

This happy strain stimulates too much of a  relaxing effect, keeping the mind away from all the negative thoughts and inducing a light but distinctly jovial feeling. Terra Cannabis Chemdawg is ideal for those who want an escape from stress and need to have a chill moment. As it tends to increase creativity as well, Chemdawg can be ideal for the creative people too.

Adverse reactions

Once the effect sets in, the Chemdawg can leave you dehydrated, resulting in dry mouth and dry-eye sensation as and when you smoke the strain.

Chemdawg can also cause a slight bout of paranoia, headache, dizziness, and nervousness in the form of anxiety.

Medical Benefits

An excellent medical strain, Terra Cannabis Chemdawg is useful in many ways. Being a big time stress reliever, It provides relief to the patients suffering from mental illness and chronic stress.