Tale of two strains- Four Amazing cannabis strains to use now

After the legalization of cannabis, an increasing number of people are interested in learning more about the new strains, their effects, and their amazing advantages. For all those cannabis adventurers out there,  tale of two strains offers amazing strains for better and more potent effects.  Tale of two strains is a popular Canadian online dispensary that offers a broad variety of cannabis strains.

tale of two strains

New Strains

The cannabis plant has two basic types. The mind sharpening, active and energetic strain is the Sativa, which has a cerebral effect. While the body high and deep buzz causes strain that causes full-body high is the Indica strain. Both strains have THC and CBD in them, but there are higher levels of CBD in Sativa strains. The Indica strain has higher levels of THC and is more psychoactive.

With different crossing Sativa and Indica strains, newer strains are formed in the form of flowers and different trichomes. They have different aromas, and depending on the dominance of the strain; the effects are also different. The tale of two strains offers these newer strains you must try ones;

  1. Blackwater Kush

A very heavy Indica dominant strain has potent sedating effects. This strain has a very heavy high. It alleviates the pain and mellows the person down. It also helps the person doze off to sleep.  This amazing strain from tale of two strains is very benefit for those who need something quick for their anxiety and insomnia.

  1. Chemo

Chemo is an Indica-dominant strain which is well popular for its potent and ability to induce heavy physical effects.

It is highly effective in people masking the pain in chemotherapy. It helps the body relax, known as deep-bodied relaxation. Best pick for those who need  quick relief for pain and depression.

  1. God Bud

The very high Indica dominant strain is very potent for full-body high. Helps in insomnia with its sedative effect; the high of this strain is effective in anxiety, depression, and even in PTSD.

  1. God’s Gift

Having a THC content of almost 22%, this 90% Indica dominant strain is very potent for full-body high. The strain still has 10% Sativa, providing a mental buzz that  gives euphoric effects and  induce happy feelings.


The tale of two strains offers wonderful strains of the highest quality with best service, which allowing you to live a healthy lifestyle without stress.