Tale of two strains Flash sale

Tale of two strains is an emerging website for buying strains online. It has a flash sale happening this month. You can order one tale of two strains. These strains of high quality and available for the customers online, Get them on your doorstep by putting your order now!

You can get the following strains on sale, check them now, and avail the amazing offers.

2 OZ Mix & Match

You can select any combination of 14 g amounts from Tale of two strains and can order it from the tale of two strains sale. Free shipping is provided to all orders of more than $150. It contains the products named as:

  • Black Diamond
  • Death Star
  • Death Bubba
  • MK Ultra
  • Northern Lights
  • Platinum Kush
  • Rock star
  • Master Kush,
  • Blue dream
  • Diamond and many more

Quarter Pounder Mix & Match

In this combination, you can get 28g amount of any four Tale of two strains products. The products are the same as mentioned above. You can get free shipping on this offer as well if you order of $150 or more.

Mix and Match Faded Edibles

You can select 180g or any five packs of your favorite edibles from the sale for $85 only. The flash sale has allowed you to buy all your faded edibles. The products included in this offer are: Faded Peach drops, Wild watermelons, Gummy Bear sours, berry blue raspberries, fizzy colas, grape crush, sour sucker, rainbow sherbet, strawberry daze, and cherry bombs.

1 OZ Mix & Match

In this offer, you can get 4 of any combination of 7g amounts and free shipping for shopping of more than $150. You can grab this offer at tales of two strains and enjoy the flash sale now.

Tale of two strains is a reliable and trusted website in Canada, and it makes sure you get what you need.