Tale of two strains- Concentrates you can’t miss out

Cannabis has a huge load of benefits according to research which is why it is now widely consumed around the globe. Tale of Two Strains is a Canadian dispensary that houses the purest and rarest collection of cannabis products and magic mushrooms. Whether for medical or recreational purposes, here’s a list of the best concentrates you can’t miss out.

The cannabis industry has gone through a major revolution in the past few years. Several countries around the globe have legalized cannabis for both medical and recreational use. Tale of Two Strains is an exclusive cannabis dispensary with one of the best collections of concentrates on the market. Here’s a list of the top 5.

1- Polar Concentrates

The polar concentrate is available in three aromatic flavors namely Girl Scout Cookies, Raw, and Gelato. Consumers can use this concentrate to feel cerebrally sedated in style. A simple puff allows the consumers to feel the flavor alongside the effects. Although to avoid a burnt off-flavor, it is recommended by Tale of Two Strains to take 5 long pulls timed at 5 seconds each without hitting the power button.

2- Bentley Hash

The Bentley Hash is one of the many specialties at Tale of Two Strains. It is a purified resin that stands unique as it is extracted and pressed without the use of any solvent. The resin is collected by several different plants from across British Colombia, giving the concentrate a unique grassy and subtly sweet aroma. Consumers can roll this up as a hashing and feel the euphoric sensations Bentley Hash has to offer.


3- MK Ultra| Live Resin

Live Resin is created by freezing freshly harvested cannabis to subcritical temperatures before and after the extraction process. This method is different from others as the plant does not go through drying and curing. The MK Ultra Live Resin by Tale of Two Strains allows consumers to have a chance at experiencing the pure flavor and feel of the preserved trichomes. Depending on the dosage, consumers can experience unique sedation, allowing them to have a memorable moment.