Tale of two strains: – Absolute Best Strains of Weed to Smoke

Are you a newbie or an intermediate in the world of weed? Don’t worry! We are here to guide you. If you want to experience smoking weed to utmost finesse, let’s suggest some strains that will definitely leave you asking for more. Tale of two strains  is an online

Tale of two strains - Absolute Best Strains of Weed to Smoke
Dispensary that you can call absolute weeds heaven; Here are some of its top-tier strains that you must try!

Evergreen (AAA)

Evergreen from the Tale of two strains is a rare Indica leaning hybrid marijuana strain infused with balanced THC concentration. It is known for possessing a fresh forest-like scent and a very earthy yet sweet flavor. Evergreen is reported to leave its users in a relaxing, cerebral buzz and treat chronic pain, insomnia, and social anxiety.

Kosher Kush (AAA)

This outclass strain from the Tale of two strains is a completely Indica dominant strain with pretty high levels of THC. It has a very herbal lemon aroma with a blend of sweet woody traces. Leaving you with Armstrong high and tranquil, this strain treats depression, insomnia, PTSD, chronic pain, migraine, and gastrointestinal disorder.

Meat Breath (AAAA)

Meat breath from the tale of two strains has a balanced indica to sativa fraction, making it a balanced hybrid. Just as the name suggests, this strain has a meat-like dank and spicy, citrusy taste and an aroma like rotting meat. This strain will get you into a balanced and energizing overall buzz, and it can treat nausea, fatigue, stress, and pain.

Black Domina (AAA)

This exclusive strain from the Tale of two strains is an Indica strain with a 95:5 Indica to Sativa ratio. Citrus, coffee, and nuts are all evident in its taste, while the aroma is citrusy and earthy with earthy undertones. Its overall body buzz will make you feel lazy and sedated. It treats inflammation, arthritis, insomnia, PMS, PTSD, pains, and anxiety.


If you have not tried these strains out yet, you are missing out on something big. Enhance your cannabis experience with these amazing strains. You will definitely thank us later!