The Best High CBD Marijuana Strains you need to explore

The Best High CBD Marijuana Strains you need to explore

You’ll need to weigh a couple of factors when determining which cannabis strain you want to smoke or find a StashClub cannabis-related product. Many people will have acknowledged the contents of CBD and THC. These are the two main well-known cannabis cannabinoids, the first being non-psychoactive and the second being the key psychoactive component. Whatever the reason you are looking for a strain with large CBD concentrations, the following choices should satisfy your needs.


The hybrid strain reflects high CBD/low THC strains, but is also not quick to find. You would have a ratio of around 20:1 without any toxicity results. It is a strongly terpenic cannabinoid strain that may aid ease exhaustion, insomnia, tiredness and other disorders.


No doubt you don’t see Trident in many of the top CBD strain lists, but Trident’s CBD content is impressively high. That’s why this strain is so common among users of medical cannabis. It may have up to six percent THC, despite its high CBD levels; however, some head-high reactions may occur.


Pennywise is the prevalent strain of Indica, a perfect combination between the cannabis strain Jack the Ripper and Harlequin. This is likely where the title of the renowned killer clown comes from. But like typical clowns, Pennywise is meant to make you smile. You’re going to get a pleasant feeling with the soothing, balancing properties of CBD and Indica.

Hawaiian dream

Hawaiian dream is usually used in medicinal cannabis to alleviate pain but is often extremely common for its effect on eye discomfort, joint pain, and swelling. Known as a low THC/high CBD strain (1:2 ratio), this CBD bud is an uplifting Sativa weed. The Hawaiian dream could have been a perfect hybrid between the blue dream and the Maui Wowie, and it’s very popular for its excellent CBD benefits. Such high levels of CBD bring creativity, imagination, and focus.


Another strong StashClub CBD strain is ACDC with a CBD to THC ratio of 15:1 to 28:1. It has a positive impact on various medical conditions.

It is known to provide specific energy and concentration to those who like Sativa-dominant strain. Many consumers of ACDC say this strain is beneficial in decreasing inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, depression.

While ACDC is sweet with a zing of citrus, its name is somewhat misleading, provided that its low THC compound has practically no excellent performance. Don’t fear the adverse effects of intoxication.