Does Cannabis Improve Productivity at Work?

Does Cannabis Improve Productivity at Work?

Does Cannabis Improve Productivity at Work?

Weed is typically associated as a solution for lazy people – but times are changing and many cannabis consumers are boosting their productivity levels after smoking a joint.

Because let’s face it, you’re not always going to be in the mood to get stuff done. To help induce that motivation and productivity, you have to find the right strain of weed and THC for your needs. Most weed enthusiasts at StashClub take indica at the wee hours of the night and Sativa during the day. This is because the indica strains seem to have a more powerful sedative effect. Sativas, on the other hand, can improve brain functions that go well with creative projects and physical activity.

The Cannabinoids You Need

The two cannabinoids you will need to power through your work assignments are CBD and THC. Together these two will give you that energy to power through the challenges life tosses your way. The high-inducing THC is particularly helpful when you are struggling with physical symptoms such as nausea and pain. CBD, the non-intoxicating cannabinoid, is known to alleviate mental health issues such as stress and anxiety – without giving you that high.

Together these two cannabinoids can help out with your productivity levels. Weed connoisseurs at StashClub have found that smoking a joint or two before work can open their minds to perspectives they may never have thought about before and find solutions that were not obvious. In other words, weed can help you become more artistic and inspire more creative thoughts.

Weed can increase your dopamine levels in the brain that makes you feel good. Dopamine is known as a feel-good chemical that rewards you when something good happens, making you feel better about yourself, and that can be a powerful motivator for anyone at work.

The only trick is to find the strain that works for you. You’ll have to explore different types of strains and see which ones give you the best results. To find what strain is best for you, visit StashClub

Once you find a strain that you vibe with, it’s time to smoke. Just make sure to take two or three hits instead of smoking the entire joint. Use an online THC calculator to find out how much cannabis you should use in your next session.

Wondering which strains are best for productivity? Visit StashClub for more information.