What is Cannabis Extracts: Types of Cannabis Extract?

What is Cannabis Extracts: Types of Cannabis Extract?

Have you ever wondered what cannabis extracts? Do you wonder about some of the potential benefits the extracts offers to your physical and mental health? If you wish to know more about cannabis extracts and its advantages, then continue on reading at Speed Greens. In this article, we will be taking a look at what cannabis extract is and the different types there are.

Understanding cannabis extracts

For those who do not know what cannabis extract is, it is simply a high concentrate product that contains the chemical contained in the cannabis plant. Some of the most common solvents mixed with the concentrate of cannabis are propane, butane, ethanol, carbon dioxide, etc. the overall details of different extracts slightly differ from each other, some having high levels and some mild.


Common cannabis extracts

Normally, cannabis extracts are named after their different textures. Some of the most common types of extracts are crumble, which is rather dry and crumbling cannabis. Budder cannabis extracts

Refers to the type of product which is made out of butane and mixed up to a point until the texture forms butter-like; Other types of extracts are wax, shatter, etc. Get to know them all at Speed Greens

Different extracts

When it comes to cannabis extracts, there are different types that are used, and their method is used to name the product itself. For instance, live resin is used in the extract and can come from raw and fresh plants of cannabis. Another popular cannabis extract is the c02 oil which is made by compressing carbon dioxide and with other extracts.

Butane honey oil extraction

In the recent times, the use of butane honey oil is widely popular around many countries. The overall extraction method involves the use of cannabis which is stored in a container and butane is sprayed on it. The overall mixture is then left to evaporate so that all the butane can be eliminated.


So hopefully, now you have a better understanding of what cannabis extracts are and what, the different types of extracts out there, and their method of preparation. Speed Greens provides a diverse range of safe and secure Cannabis extracts for therapeutic use. These cannabis extracts from Speed Greens have various therapeutic advantages and have been shown to be effective alternative for many modern medications.