Speed greens – Four new strains for cannabis lovers

Are you a cannabis lover who is tired of consuming the same old strains every other day and looking for something different? Say no more! If you do not know yet, speed greens have just launched its new strains that will give you a new experience in the world of cannabis—excited to know about the newly launched cannabis strains. Aren’t you?

Speed greens - Four new strains for cannabis lovers

Here are the new strains that you must try.

 Bubba Kush (smalls) (AA)

The bubba Kush from the new strains at speed greens is an Indica strain. If you like sweetness, try this strain. As for the flavor, Bubba Kush has a very sweet flavor with a mix of earthy notes. What makes it even enjoyable is its pine-like aroma. You will feel a euphoric vibe and a body high after smoking Bubba Kush. It can help with insomnia, stress, and depression as well.

Death Bubba (AA+)

Death bubba is another new release. This strain from speed greens has a 100% Indica ratio. Bubba Kush has an earthy taste with pine and lemon hints, and it possesses a pungent skunky and sweet aroma. Bubba Kush will give you a sensation of euphoria with a deep relaxation which will make you drowsy. This strain can help treat depression, stress, and insomnia for sure.

Rockstar (AA+)

Before we begin, let’s make it clear that it is different from the ‘Rockstar OG.’ This new strain from speed greens is an Indica dominant hybrid strain with a 70:30 ratio. It has the flavor of skunky wine with a strong grape-like aroma followed by earthy notes. Rockstar gives you a strong head high, leaving you in a light, happy mood. This strain can help treat pain and insomnia.

Platinum Huckleberry craft tops shelf (AAAA)

This rare strain, Platinum huckleberry craft top shelf, from speed greens, is a hybrid strain with a 70:30 Indica to Sativa ratio. It is known for its flavor of sour cherries and with spicy notes when exhaled. The scent is the same as the taste with the inclusion of earthy notes. Giving you a body and cerebral high, this strain treats headaches, inflammation, and stress.


Fulfill your craving for new strains with these amazing ones. They will leave you asking for more. Get them all at speed greens