Finding The Best Ways of Consuming Marijuana with Speed Greens

Finding The Best Ways of Consuming Marijuana with Speed Greens


Finding The Best Ways of Consuming Marijuana with Speed Greens

If you’ve recently bought marijuana from speed greens, you’ve probably noticed the explosive variation in how you can consume it. Not to mention the fact that new ways of consuming marijuana are popping up every other day – this makes it hard to figure out which is the ‘best,’ especially you’re a beginner.

Smoking is a tried and tested way of consuming weed. However, edibles are trending because we can consume THC, CBD, and a few terpenes for added effect without tasting the compounds. Plus, there are all new kinds of oils, sprays, topical creams, and much more.

The best method of consuming marijuana according to speed greens depends on what you want from the experience. Let’s quickly go over the best methods of consuming marijuana.


Among the most well-known delivery systems of weed are joints. They can provide an instant hit to the consumer.


Pipes are a quicker way of getting high. They are as effective as blunts, although they may not taste as good since there is no paper to ‘weed out’ the flavor. (Pun intended)


Vaporizers are similar to smoking except that you’re applying heat to the wax instead of burning it. As a result, vaping is healthier than smoking because you’re no longer exposing your lungs and throat to burnt organic matter and heat.


Who doesn’t like CBD-infused gummies? Besides gummies, you can find edibles in dozens of options. This includes cakes, tea, and even chocolate. Do keep in mind that it will take time for the active compounds to kick in, and the effects of THC will be even stronger.


Don’t want to feel high after consuming marijuana from speed greens? Creams and topics infused with cannabis can provide relief from inflammation, pain, and soreness. They can be applied directly to the affected area of the skin. Most creams are infused with CBD, which does not cause a psychoactive high. This makes them ideal for people suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and paranoia.


You can consume marijuana by simply allowing it to dissolve under your tongue. Tinctures are alcohol-based extracts that can reach your bloodstream within minutes after application. In most cases, tinctures are odorless. This allows you to use them in public situations without worrying about people judging you.

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