Three concentrates Skyhigh exotics products for new concentrates users

Looking for a good quality cannabis? Are you a shatter lover? Well, kootenay shatter is just the thing that might cheer you up. Concentrates are THC and CBD crystals extracted for the solvent in several ways. They have a higher potency than any traditional cannabis.

Presenting the sky high exotics, withholding a unique line of cannabis products. Their products are counted as elites and have a unique and exotic texture to it. This dispensary has been known to distribute high-quality medical and recreational cannabis products.

Shatter Packaged

The sky high exotics presents you with a special kootenay shatter package all the way from kootenay labs. This is a blend of pure CBD and THC with a ratio that uplifts your mood and keeps you energized throughout the day. Make sure your dab is well, and inhale the vapors for a light body feeling. Other than that, it has a very snappy taste to it. In simpler words, kootenay shatter is light!

Dope Boys

This award winning hybrid is known to give a visual and mental buzz with a sudden euphoria wave. It has a citrusy aroma but a skunkiness to it as well. The strains are unique that gives a very creamy smoke. It helps to reduce your lethargy, slowly elevates your mood and energy levels. Surprisingly it has no sedative properties. You can find this citric marvel at sky high exotics.

Seven Star Shatter

The seven-star shatter all the way from Amsterdam has 25% of THC, known as the Supernova. This concentrate is a special concentrate available at sky high exotics for a very low price. This is an Indica dominant hybrid. The crystals mainly consume THC and have an effect that gives you a very bright euphoria, making you feel relaxed and stress-free.


Buy concentrates from sky high exotics, providing a line of exotic and unique flavors. Don’t miss out on the creaminess and the everlasting buzz. Make a purchase now and have a fantastic time feeling what you have never felt before.