Skyhighexotics – Strains every user must try for once

Looking around for cannabis strains to fulfill your needs and cravings? Well, you are exactly where you should be. Skyhighexotics is the best online dispansery for your cannabis needs. It offers a wide range of strains to its customers at reasonable prices. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best quality cannabis right now.

Skyhighexotics - Strains every user must try for once.

Angel Cake by Rainz forest

This is one of the best strains that are being offered by Skyhighexotics. It is an Indica Sativa cannabis strain with a very sweet taste that pleases each of your taste buds, leaving a nutty lavender essence in your mouth. Within a blink of an eye, it will relax your body and mind. Furthermore, this sweet flavored strain helps treat insomnia, chronic pain, and stress, cramps, and muscle soreness.

Cotton Candy

Cotton candy, as the name itself says, is yet another sweet pleasure for your taste buds. This one right here is an Indica dominant strain. Being among the best of Skyhighexotics cannabis strains, cotton candy leaves a calming and soothing high in your body and boosts happiness. It is ideal for treating anxiety, migraines, chronic pains, and stress. Not to forget that its side effects include dizziness, dry eyes, and a dry mouth.

Do Si Dos by Rainz Forest

As unique as its name is, the DO SI DOS is an Indica-dominant marijuana strain. Its appearance of lime green and lavender leaves with its glittering trichomes is a treat to the eyes. Full of a sweet yet earthy and a little floral aroma, this sweet treat from Skyhighexotics blends into your mouth as you put in on your tongue. The next thing you will feel is a wave of relaxation through your mind and body.

Doughboy pink by sacred garden collective

Being among the best strains, the Doughboy pink by Sacred Gardens Collective is an Indica- dominant hybrid strain. As the name says, doughboy ‘pink,’ this strain has pink hairs on the top of bright green buds. Its sugar-like trichomes cover up the bright green buds making them barely visible. Not just this, the doughboy pink has vanilla and candy perfume traces and is yet another feast for your taste buds. Moreover, it has powerful effects on the body.


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