Sky High Exotics CBD Dosages – Quick Guide

Sky High Exotics CBD Dosages – Quick Guide

High Voltage Extracts CBD Dosages - Quick Guide

CBD comes in various forms and concentrations, and while most products are clearly labeled, it can be difficult to calculate the right dosage for you. Don’t look at how much your friend consumes and hope the same would work for you. There is considerable inter-individual variability on how each person responds to CBD.

Here’s what you should know about CBD dosages according to Sky High Exotics.

Your ECS is Different and Your Response to CBD Would be Unique

Your endocannabinoid system (ECS) is unique and depends on various genetic factors that we haven’t fully understood yet. Therefore, the standard information on the CBD oil bottle for dosage will affect two different people in different ways.

CBD Dosages – Quick Guide

This is a very quick and generic guide from Sky High Exotics meant to serve as a starting point.

  • Start by taking a very low dose of CBD. Before taking CBD, make sure you are in a relaxed environment., Do not participate in any strenuous activity to evaluate your baseline response to CBD.
  • If you don’t see the desired effect, increased the dosage of CBD and spread it across 24 hours. For example, take two drops of CBD oil in the morning and two drops at night.
  • If you still don’t see any effect, then gradually increase the dosage to see how you feel.
  • If no effects occur but you notice side effects (such as dry mouth or diarrhea), try a different administration method (vaping, topicals, smoking, and others).

Pro tip from Sky High Exotics: Don’t be inconsistent with your dosages. You don’t want to try one dosage on Monday and then a different dosage on Tuesday. Instead, record your experience until you’ve figured out the right dosage for your body. Purchase a separate notebook where you can document your experiences.

Use an Easy Delivery Method for CBD Dosages

Use a delivery method that is easy to measure. A good starting point would be CBD oil tinctures. They can be simply dropped under your tongue where they will enter your bloodstream directly. This method will bypass the digestive system in your body that could reduce the desired effects of CBD.

CBD edibles are also a good choice but the results will not be as easy to monitor because it can take a while for effects to kick in.

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