Five Ways to Consume Cannabis without Smoking

Five Ways to Consume Cannabis without Smoking

Cannabis is a plant of wonders that has been around for ages; in the initial ages, when this plant was seen as a spiritual guide also had the potential for therapeutics. Even now, this plan has many benefits in medicine and in many cultures. At first, it was inhaled as raw smoke, but later another class of edibles was discovered, making two distinct classes of Edibles vs. smoking weed; using weed or cannabis from SkyHighExotics in any way is right there is no wrong or correct way of doing this.

The Use of Cannabis

The traditional way of using cannabis is by burning the weed and inhaling it, such as a joint. But that had many concerns regarding lung defectiveness and cancers. Therefore when it comes to Using weed, choosing from Edibles vs. smoking weed, there are many other ways of consuming cannabis from SkyHighExotics that is not through inhalation.

  1. Gummies

It started as small gummy bears infused with THC for experimental use, and it was a big hit. It shadows the bitter taste of THC and enhances the effects.

  1. Brownies

Call them pot brownies or hash brownies; they have been around ever since hippies have given us the gift of weed. They are rich in flavor and good for munching as well.

  1. Tinctures

The alcohol-based extracts can be used in any salads, drinks, and even meals. They can use any edible item for weed ingestion. They are bitter, so they should be added to something sweet.

  1. Chocolates

Chocolates are the ever-favorite treats of many; the chocolates can be dosed accordingly and used to relinquish your cravings and get the desired dose.

  1. Hard Candy

Hard candy or mints are also a good way of ingesting weed; as the candy dissolves, the weed is released, and the effect lingers on for longer.


When it comes to Edibles vs. smoking weed, there is no wrong. The only wrong is not purchasing it from an online marijuana dispensary such as SkyHighExotics so you can be sure your weed is of premium quality. Visit SkyHighExotics for all the best edibles and weed strains.