Are You Looking For Something Best? Must try these Skyhighexotics strains

For relaxation after a long tiring day at work or a get-together with friends, some cannabis is essential. It gives you that feeling of calmness and happiness combined together. Are you looking for the best strains to tackle your after-work tiredness and everyday stress? Skyhighexotics  has got you on that! This online dispensary has the finest strains that will deliver you the effects that you desire.


Double Banana Tangie from Skyhighexotics is a moderately Sativa ascendant hybrid strain with a 60:40 ratio. This award-winning strain has a very wet tropical flavor with earthy notes. As for the aroma, it has a tropical fruity and slightly tingly aroma. This strain gives you a cerebral buzz and dwells you into a sedative state, and it can help treat insomnia and stress.

Are You Looking For Something Best Must try these Skyhighexotics strains


Being another one from Skyhighexotics best strains, Clementine is a Sativa prevalent hybrid marijuana strain. This strain is known for possessing a very sweet citrusy flavor like that of some fresh lemon tart with earthy notes alongside a very citrusy scent. Clementine, unlike most hybrid strains, does not create a high; instead, it dwells you into relaxation and a good mood.


Pink Goo is a scarce strain that is a highly Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain. This bud straight from Skyhighexotics possesses a classic fruity flavor like sweet berries and spiced grapes with herbal tones and a fruity and coffee-like aroma. This strain will leave you feeling moderately high with euphoric vibes, and it can help treat insomnia, pain, and depression.


The Puta Breath from Skyhighexotics is an Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain. This Bud possesses a sweet citrusy flavor with earthy hints, and for the aroma, Puta Breath has a citrusy and floral aroma. Upon smoking, it will leave you feeling mentally active, more focused, and creative. It is an amazing treatment for inflammation and asthma.


To add a spice your daily routine after-work smoke session, add these strains to your favorites, and we assure you, you won’t regret this decision.