Shatter Reviews

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What s Shatter, and how do you hit it?

What is Shatter?

Shatter is one form of cannabis extract that is hard and looks like glass in appearance. It is one of the most photogenic and beautiful types of marijuana on the market. People love to vape shatter, and it’s one of the most used marijuana product available on different dispensaries in Canada and America. Shatter is of gold color and is transparent in appearance.

How do you hit it?

It is vaporized through a vape pen and has a high potency of cannabis. It is a fast way of consuming marijuana. The vapes have an atomizer that can help you rapidly heat the shatter and bring it to the vaporization point. To hit it, you have to add your shatter to the vape heating chamber and heat the shatter until it melts down and becomes vapors. You will then inhale those vapors to make smoke.  The most used and traditional way to use shatter is dabbing. You can use this method by dabbing the pieces of shatter on a hot surface, it will quickly vaporize it, and you can inhale the vapor through the dab rigs.

Benefits of Shatter

There are many benefits of shatter as it enters your bloodstream readily after consumption. This has high effects, so users use the less is more approach using this cannabis. The dabbing method allows you to inhale the vapors, not the smoke. It is stable cannabis due to its molecular structure and is also longer than other cannabis. It also helps with depression and anxiety if consumed in the right amount.

If you are new in the cannabis world, you should start with a small quantity because it will cause serious side effects if consumed in a large amount. So, avoid overdose and get a perfect hit feeling with the right amount to enjoy its taste. Shatter can be found in different dispensaries, and they are available in different flavors and packaging. You can choose your favorite shatter and enjoy it.