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The recent legalization of cannabis in Canada has been a great boon for the cannabis industry. But in this time of growth and expansion it can be hard for consumers to determine which supplier to purchase their cannabis from. This is why in this article we will be comparing two of Canada’s top online cannabis dispensaries: Serene Farms and Ganja Express.

First off let us go over the products they have in common:

  • Cannabis flowers, the most basic of cannabis products and a staple for any dispensary. Both Serene Farms and Ganja Express carry a wide selection of Sativa, Indica and Hybrid strains, and both include a budget buds section.
  • Cannabis edibles sourced from famous crafters in the industry. This is a discreet and healthier way to consume cannabis than smoking or vaping, with the added touch of flavor to boost.
  • Cannabis extracts in various forms such as tinctures, cannabis oils, shatter, hash, resin. Made to provide customers flexibility in the way they want to consume their cannabis.
  • CBD-only products for those who want to reap the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of cannabinoid without experiencing the psychoactive effects THC is famous for.
  • Vape pens and cannabis accessories such as grinders to provide you with all the necessities you could want for the most comfortable experience.

Both Serene Farms and Ganja Express guarantee their customers the highest degree of quality in their products. Both companies offer cannabis locally grown in BC, with Serene Farms guaranteeing that all of their cannabis are hand-trimmed and slow cured to produce a smooth and flavorful smoke for their consumers.

While it is true that Serene Farms offers fewer products than Ganja Express, they put much more love and attention to each of their offerings. For their products, both Serene Farms and Ganja Express provide basic information such as the THC to CBD ratio and whether the strain used is Sativa or Indica or Hybrid. However, Serene Farms also details the history and origin of the strain, provides a handy chart on the effect of the product such as level of creativity and energy, as well as describe the taste and experience of using them. This information can prove valuable for consumers who want to know as much as possible about the products offered before deciding to purchase, as well as those who just want to learn more about their favorite strains. This is a feature that Ganja Express is woefully lacking.

It is also worth noting that Serene Farms offers a wider range of edible suppliers, with products from Firebars, Firechews, Boost Edibles, Mota Infused Edibles, and Twisted Extracts, while most of the edibles offered by Ganja Express are from Twisted Extracts and Mary’s. Another point for Serene Farms is that they offer cannabis extracts in diamond form for those looking for a deeper, more acute effect from cannabis, while Ganja Express does not offer diamonds.

Since both dispensaries are online services, their website is an important part of customer satisfaction with their service. While both Serene Farms and Ganja Express sites are well designed and cleverly laid out, with the navigation bar and the search box always present in both sites. They both come with a product filter on the sidebar to easily narrow down the products you are looking for, but while both include options to filter by category and price, Serene Farms also allow filtering by usage and THC to CBD ratio for more efficient product lookup. Additionally, the website comes with one other unique feature, that is their definition section for some quick information on many industry terminologies and the cannabis strains they offer.

In terms of customer reward, Serene Farms operates on a referral system, where for every other person you refer to with a link provided by Serene Farms, both you and the person receive a $10 discount off your next orders. Meanwhile Ganja Express follows a store credit system that gives you points after each purchase. Both methods have their pros and cons, but along with the detailed product information and the comprehensive index of terminologies, Serene Farms is the superior option for introducing a friend or family member to your favorite cannabis product or to the world of cannabis as a whole.

The last thing that majorly set Serene Farms apart from Ganja Express is their amazing deal on shipping. For orders over $99 at Serene Farms, you will receive free shipping anywhere across Canada. Go to to experience first-hand what Serene Farms have to offer.

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