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Serene Farms vs Weedsmart.ca

In recent years there has been a huge growth in the number of online dispensaries operating in Canada.  While this opens up many opportunities for anyone interested in purchasing cannabis online, the sheer number of competing sites means attempting to choose the most suitable can be difficult.  

This article attempts to bring some clarity to the situation by presenting a comparison between two online dispensaries – Weedsmart.ca and Serene Farms.  

Although shopping online has become a regular, everyday activity for many, buying cannabis over the internet is not quite the same as ordering electrical equipment.  Anyone pondering whether to purchase their weed from a website are presented with a number of issues. Buying cannabis involves worries connecting legality, security, safety, quality and shipping, as well as the more usual considerations of price and quality.

In comparing Weedsmart.ca and Serene Farms this article will highlight the best way to find the top quality products online and attractive discounts to make your online shopping experience more pleasurable and stress-free.   

Weedsmart.ca is a well-known Canadian online dispensary on the web and for potential cannabis consumers it is likely to be a familiar name.  This article examines the reputation of Weedsmart.ca and evaluates its performance in terms of reliability, products and price. It is then compared against the performance of another potential choice for cannabis consumers – Serene Farms.  By comparing Weedsmart.ca and Serene Farms this article should provide consumers with a clearer idea of how these two websites meet the demands of online weed consumers.

serene farms vs weedsmart

Making a judgment on what is the best online dispensary in Canada is not a straightforward task and a number of different criteria need to be taken into account.   Weedsmart.ca and Serene Farms are rated in terms of:

  • Range of products
  • Availability of customer service
  • Delivery 
  • Cannabis-appropriate packaging 
  • Price (including reward schemes and discounts)
  • Returning customers
  • Discretion
  • Safety and security.

Since its inception Weedsmart.ca has attempted a quiet revolution in the cannabis marketplace.  Based in British Columbia, Weedsmart.ca supply cannabis products to addresses all across Canada.  The Weedsmart.ca website features a good range of informative and educational content, as well as reports on recent cannabis events.

One of the main strengths of Weedsmart.ca is their in-depth articles explaining the differences between cannabis strains, providing detailing investigations of the many new high-potency concentrates that are now available and discussing the pros and cons of their range of edibles.  This is a great resource for any cannabis user but particularly useful for newcomers to cannabis products.  

Unfortunately, many of the new online dispensaries are best by problems of web design and useability.  There is nothing more discouraging for a potential customer than finding a confusing and unusable website. This is certainly not the case with Weedsmart.ca, the site is user-friendly and any first-time visitor will immediately appreciate the clean, intuitive design that makes navigation of the website clear and trouble-free.  Any users will find it easy to locate the product they are looking for or simply browse through the available products. The best of the current deals are presented to the visitor, as well as a selection of sample packs for anyone who would like to try a range of different products.   

Like many similar online dispensaries the Weedsmart.ca website puts their flowers at the forefront.  Around thirty different strains are stocked at any one time (although up to a hundred are listed), depending on their availability from local BC growers and these are divided by variety and classified as Indica, Sativa or hybrid.    

The range of Indica flowers include the big hitters, such as Afghan Kush, Black Diamond, Darth Vader and Blueberry Skunk.  In the Concentrate section there are an incredible 70+ items listed, these include Shatter and Resin. Weedsmart.ca also stock a considerable range of edibles such as gummy bears, sherbert and cherry bombs.  In short, Weedsmart.ca has a range of cannabis products to rival any of the multitude of online dispensaries out there.

Another aspect of the Weedsmart.ca site that users will certainly be interested in are the numerous special offers.  Several of the best-known strains are available at special discount prices. Customers even receive a special bonus just for signing up and becoming a member, with the generous gift of 3.5 grams of pre-rolled joints or flowers automatically landing in your shopping cart.   

Furthermore, Weedsmart.ca also operate a ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme which means anyone introducing a new member will get $20 taken off the price of any order over $100.  And that’s not all, when the new member places an order of over $200 they will also be given a coupon worth $50. Another deal available at Weedsmart.ca is their 420 special offer and their rewards promotion.  Rewards are a great way to build a little customer loyalty and to generate a true feeling of membership. Becoming a member at Weedsmart.ca immediately earns you a hundred points and a further point is earnt for every dollar spent.  You can receive further points by reviewing a product and, of course, this also helps other users of the site. 

Perhaps the most important factor for any online cannabis consumer is reliability.  Feeling the organisation you are dealing with is transparent and trustworthy is hugely important.  The best method of assessing reliability is to ‘take the temperature’ of the feedback from existing customers.  For Weedsmart.ca the general feedback is extremely good. Significantly, the feedback provides ample evidence of returning customers who are satisfied with the products they have received and the customer service that accompanied it.  

Finally, we turn to the issue of shipping.  No matter what products are available, how easy they are to find and how competitively priced they are, it won’t count for much if they do not reach you promptly and in good condition.  After becoming a member at Weedsmart.ca you simply place the product you select into your shopping cart. After you review the items you are purchasing you move on to complete the payment.  Shipping is free for all orders costing more than $149.  

Overall, Weedsmart.ca is a good choice for the average cannabis consumer and is a reliable option for anyone new to ordering weed online.  But is it the best online dispensary out there?

One alternative is Serene Farms, although it is perhaps not quite as well-known as Weedsmart.ca, there are a number of factors that may make Serene Farms a better choice for some customers.  

Firstly, much like Weedsmart.ca, Serene Farms has a website that is simple to navigate your way around and is convenient for both experienced and novice cannabis customers.   Again, like Weedsmart.ca, Serene Farms features educational content that can help explain which products are right for particular consumers.  

However, the key area in which Serene Farms comes into its own is the question of price.  Based on reviews, it seems as though Serene Farms has an amazingly wide range of cannabis products at even better prices.  As well as the basic prices being very competitive, Serene Farms also has a range of special offers that are likely to be very attractive for anyone considering ordering cannabis online.  Serene Farms can be seen to regularly offer 10% and even 50% reductions on a wide array of best-selling products. Moreover, returning customers are offered specially reduced prices, while their referral programs are an attractive option for groups who are looking to join at the same time.

Most appealing of all, Serene Farms hosts a Budget Buds section that showcases many of the sites most popular cannabis strains at discounted prices rarely seen.  It is these low, low prices that will likely make Serene Farms an interesting alternative for many customers.