Green Society

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The last few years have seen a rapid increase in the number of dispensaries offering cannabis products online.  This huge number of websites for consumers to choose from has increased choice for the customer but has likely also increased confusion.  For any potential online customer the problem of choosing which online dispensary to use is not an easy one to solve. This article attempts to aid the process by comparing two well-known websites.  

Shopping online has quickly become a normal, everyday activity with the concerns surrounding security, safety, reliability and delivery fading as brands have worked to establish trust with  consumers. However, when it comes to purchasing cannabis online many of these feas raise their heads again. It is nonsensical to pretend that cannabis is a regular product and abundantly clear that ordering it online is not the same as buying clothes or electrical equipment.  As a special case, cannabis products require special care and attention and this article attempts to address the pressing questions concerning quality, security and value for money. It will also show how to find the best products and discounts to make your online shopping experience more enjoyable and stress-free. 

Green Society is one of the best known online dispensaries and likely to be recognised by many cannabis users.  In this article we examine this popular site and evaluate its reputation for reliability, products and price. In order to contextualise the performance of Green Society, we match against a competing online dispensary – Serene Farms.

serene farms vs green society

Green Society vs Serene Farms: Factors to Consider

This head-to-head between Green Society and Serene Farms will hopefully provide you with a better idea of the particular advantages and disadvantages of these two sites and allow you to make a more informed choice. 

When considering buying from any Canadian online dispensary, several important factors must be taken into account in order for us to make an informed decision:  

  • Safety and security.
  • Product range
  • Online presence
  • Price (including reward schemes and discounts) 
  • Discretion
  • 24/7 Customer service 
  • Assistance with deliveries 
  • Cannabis-appropriate packaging 

In order to evaluate the two websites side-by-side a number of criteria were established.  Using the two websites and online reviews these criteria can be used to make detailed comparisons.  Firstly, broad categories were used to demonstrate an overall picture of the two dispensaries.


 Serene FarmsGreen Society
Products sourced from high-quality producers
Free shipping
Exceptional value
24/7 customer support
Wide-range of products
Online support for customers
Intuitive website design
Variety of cannabis-based products
Referral programs
Coupon codes
Refer-a-friend promotions
Range of payment options

From this overall summary, it is clear that Serene Farms Online Dispensary can be seen as a possible alternative to Green Society with little between the two dispensaries and Serene Farms having several key advantages over Green Society.  While Green Society is generally considered to be one of the leading online dispensaries, Serene Farms does have many positives that could interest online customers. To examine the two competitors in more detail, we took a closer look at their products, website, the prices they charge and affiliated vendors.


 Serene FarmsGreen Society
Bulk flowers716
CBD and CBD-infused products3259
Edible products65180
Vape pens, cartridges, batteries2031
Other accessories1222
Items in sale5111
Not currently in stock123113

This table compares the stock of each dispensary when broken down into the main categories of product.  On a number of sections Green Society scores highly, with a large range of Edible products, CBD products and Concentrates.  In other sections there is little to choose between the two dispensaries.


As the interface between dispensaries and customers, a website is clearly crucial for any e-commerce business.  The most essential facet of any website is that the visitor finds it easy to navigate their way around. Ease and convenience is crucial and is it natural for any online customer to be frustrated by an uncomfortable shopping experience.

Both Green Society and Serene Farm have websites with attractive visuals, clear intuitive designs and a layout that is easy to find your way around.  Green Society has a very professional feel to its website with all the categories a customer might wish to find clearly displayed. It is both easy to browse through the subsections and to search directly for a specific product. 

For those new to buying weed from online dispensaries, Serene Farms’ website also offers a comfortable online shopping experience.  In the same manner as Green Society, Serene Farms Online Dispensary provide a number of informative and educational features that help new cannabis users.


Green Society does have a larger range of products than Serene Farms, but does it also win out when it comes down the bottom line?  Both websites appear to be very competitive on price. Green Society is certainly not expensive compared to prices for cannabis in general.  It also has a number of sections dedicated to Sale Items and Special Offers. Serene Farms also offers a range of low prices across the board, but it also has a good selection of regular special offers and discounts that are likely to appeal to many new and experienced cannabis users.  

Over the time period which the websites were evaluated, Serene Farms were offering reductions of 10% and sometimes as much as 50%, on many items.  Likely to be of particular interest to many customers is the Serene Farms Budget Buds page. This is a special section with many of the dispensaries’ most popular strains at considerably reduced prices.  This is quite a unique feature and should interest many potential customers. When it was evaluated Green Society was operating a coupon codes scheme, however, Green Society also offers weekend flash sales and some other special discounts.   Likewise, Serene Farms offers its customers a selection of both regular discounts and very special prices for returning customers. While Green Society offers special discounts for new members to tempt curious shoppers, Serene Farms runs a referral program, an extremely attractive scheme for those who have a group of friends interested in shopping online.  

Affiliated Vendors

Something that is very noticeable about Serene Farms is that they clearly list all their affiliated vendors.  For online shopping, particularly in the realm of cannabis, such a degree of transparency plays a vital role in reassuring customers.  It is likely that anyone viewing the Serene Farm website will gain confidence from being able to view all suppliers, producers and growers.  In clearly presenting all this information, Serene Farms helps to establish a reputation of reliability. Furthermore, many of the suppliers are some of the top cannabis brands in Canada.  These suppliers are also very evident on the Green Society website and it is definitely a good sing that both online dispensaries 

In Conclusion

Overall, it does seem clear that for potential cannabis customers who reside in Canada both Green Society and Serene Farms are online dispensaries that are well worth investigating. While both have particular strong points, we can certainly recommend viewing both sites to see which dispensary suits your needs.