Ganja Express

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The rapid rise in popularity of online dispensaries has only increased consumer concerns over the safety and reliability of their transactions.  The huge array of online vendors now available for anyone wishing to shop for cannabis online has given customers a bewildering choice. This article aims to bring some clarity to the confusion by comparing two well-known sites.

Ordering cannabis online brings with it a number of pressing questions concerning quality, security and value for money.  Here, we will also discuss ways to find the best products and discounts to make your online shopping experience more enjoyable and stress-free. 

Ganja Express is one of the most popular online dispensaries on the web and most online cannabis shoppers are likely to have come across it.  This article, therefore, looks at this popular site and considers its reputation for reliability, products and price.   

To put Ganja Express into some context we will compare it against another luminary of the cyber cannabis world – Serene Farms.

serene farms vs ganja express

GanjaExpress vs Serene Farms: Factors to Consider

Our comparison of Ganja Express and Serene Farms Online Dispensary should give you a better idea of how these two online dispensaries compare and their specific advantages and disadvantages. 

When choosing an online dispensary in Canada there are a number of significant considerations which help us to make an informed comparison:  

  • Product range
  • Customer service representatives available 24/7
  • Assistance with deliveries 
  • Cannabis-appropriate packaging 
  • Price (including reward schemes and discounts)
  • Online presence 
  • Discretion
  • Safety and security.

The following checklist was compiled based on the websites of the two competing dispensaries and extensive research of online reviews.  


 Serene FarmsGanja Express
Products sourced from high-quality producers
Free shipping
Exceptional value
24/7 customer support
Wide-range of products
Online support for customers
Intuitive website design
Variety of cannabis-based products
Referral programs
Coupon codes
Refer-a-friend promotions
Range of payment options

In summary, Serene Farms offers a great alternative to Ganja Express with a number of key advantages over its better-know competitor.  As the above checklist demonstrates, Serene Farms, while not dominant as Ganja Express, has plenty to offer online customers. To provide a closer look, below we examine each point to see how these two online dispensaries match-up in detail.

In-depth scrutiny of these two dispensaries’ websites showed that while both are able to offer a wide range of marijuana and marijuana-infused products.  The following table compares the stock of each dispensary when broken down into the main categories of product.


 Serene FarmsGanja Express
Cannabis flowers5759
CBD and CBD-infused products3219
Edible products6540
Vape pens, cartridges, batteries206
Other accessories123
Items in sale5113
Not currently in stock123480

As is shown in the table, in terms of the products available, Serene Farms is very competitive and offers a wider choice in every category compared to Ganja Society.   


Perhaps the most important characteristic of any e-commerce website is that it should be easy to find your way around and on first impressions Serene Farm’s website is more navigable.   Convenience is crucial and customers are naturally discouraged by an uncomfortable shopping experience.

The overall aesthetics of Serene Farm’s website make for appealing visuals and the clean lines and design mean that the contents are clear and easy to find.  Interestingly, on Ganja Express the main categories are subdivided into a further list of categories. This list switches from the left to the right side of the page when customers go to the Shop Now section, which some customers could find confusing.

For beginners to the world of online dispensaries it is clear the Serene Farms offers the clearest shopping experience.  In contrast, Ganja Express lacks many of the informative and educational features that help new cannabis users.


Serene Farms certainly has a larger range of products than Ganja Express, but does it compete when it comes to price?  Looking at the website it does seem that Serene Farms not only offer lower prices in general, but also offer regular special offers and discounts that are likely to appeal to cannabis users.  

In comparison to Ganja Express, Serene Farms regularly slash the prices of many items by 10% and sometimes as much as 50%.  Ganja Express does boast a coupon codes scheme, however, the site does not appear to offer weekend flash sales or other big discounts.   Serene Farms offers a range of both regular discounts and very special prices for returning customers. Referral programs are also extremely attractive for those who have a group of friends interested in shopping online.  This means for anyone contemplating buying cannabis from Ganja Express it may well pay to take a look at the Serene Farms website.  

Affiliated Vendors

One striking difference is that Serene Farms lists all their affiliated vendors.  This level of transparency is crucial in reassuring customers and the confidence they gain from being able to view all suppliers, producers and growers would seem to be extremely important.  By being upfront and supplying all these details, Serene Farms go a long way in establishing a reputation of reliability. Furthermore, many of the suppliers are some of the top cannabis brands in Canada.

In Conclusion

To sum up, for anyone considering shopping online for cannabis in Canada it is definitely worth checking out both of these online dispensaries.  Clearly, both Ganja Express and Serene Farms Online Dispensary have their respective advantages and it is certainly wise to properly check out both websites. However, we think you may be surprised by the range of options and competitive prices available at Serene Farms.