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Purple Candy Kush flowers Serene Farms Online Dispensary

Anyone considering ordering cannabis from a website is presented with a bewildering choice.  Over the last few years the number of online dispensaries operating out of Canada offering cannabis products to consumers has grown exponentially.  Although this has certainly increased consumer choice, it has also made the situation extremely confusing for potential cannabis customers. This article aims to bring some clarity to this state of affairs by comparing two well-known sites that sell cannabis online – Buy my weed online and Serene Farms.

The decision to order cannabis from a website is not as straightforward as ordering a pair of jeans.  It necessarily involves a number of pressing questions concerning quality, security and value for money.  In comparing Buymyweedonline and Serene Farms this article hopes to also demonstrate ways to find the best products and discounts to make your online shopping experience more enjoyable and stress-free. 

Buymyweedonline is one of the best known dispensaries on the web and anyone in Canada searching for cannabis online is likely to have come across it.  This article considers whether Buymyweedonline really is to be recommended in terms of reliability, products and price.   

To properly evaluate Buymyweedonline we compare its performance against another popular online dispensary, Serene Farms.

Buymyweedonline vs Serene Farms: Factors to Consider

Comparing Buymyweedonline and Serene Farms will hopefully give you a more informed view of how these two dispensaries satisfy the needs of online consumers and which areas they perform well and whether they have any weaknesses.  

Deciding which online dispensary is best in Canada is not an easy assignment and a number of factors need to be taken into consideration.   These include:

  • Range of products
  • Availability of customer service
  • Delivery 
  • Cannabis-appropriate packaging 
  • Price (including reward schemes and discounts)
  • Returning customers
  • Discretion
  • Safety and security.

Buymyweedonline and Serene Farms were evaluated in terms of this checklist based on a review of their websites and a review of customer feedback.  

On first impressions the website of presents the visitor with a very clear interface that most users will find straightforward to navigate.   Importantly, users will see that the products are well organized and it is easy to find the category of cannabis product you’re looking for. The search bar at is a useful tool to locate specific products and the site also has  an online chat pop-up to enable visitors to easily talk with customer service representatives.

Perhaps the biggest question potential cannabis buyers have is whether the website they are browsing is legit – no one wants to be ripped off. So is legitimate?  Helpfully, is a well-reviewed website and the majority of online reviews award the site a rating of 4 or over. According to the average score users give is 4.7.  This compares very well against many of the other major online dispensaries. It is possible to find some negative feedback for, however none of these complaints appeared to be significant and should not detract from the overall positive nature of the feedback.

However, one negative aspect that is apparent from browsing is that the website security certificates are not immediately apparent.  This is a pity as it should be one of the first things potential customers should look for in order to feel more confident about placing their order.  Of course, just because these certificates are not visible, does not mean the website does not have them and it does appear that is indeed secure, but it would be preferable if the customer did not have to hunt for this information.  

For many online buyers of cannabis, it all comes down to the product – can they get the weed they want?  At they should not be disappointed. Straight away it is clear that stocks a good range of both cannabis and concentrates.  On the plant side of things, a range of both pure indicas and sativas are available as well as many hybrids. As for concentrates, offer Shatter, Live Resin, oils, budder, wax, has and edibles.  Moreover, also stocks a good range of vape pens, tinctures and topicals and CBD products. You can also find a selection of accessories, such as bongs, pipes and lighters. 

From the reviews it seems that the majority of customers are ordering weed strains such as Pink Rockstar, Tesla Hash, Black Gold and Pink Panther.  However, its not only flowers that are popular with vape liquids also among the bestsellers.  

An encouraging aspect for anyone ordering from is that the dispensary is competitively priced.  Prices for flowers can range between $20 and $50 depending on the particular strain. Concentrates, however, are more expensive at, priced at between $40 and $200.  

One useful feature of is that customers are able to rate products they have bought and write a review.  This is very informative for visitors to the site and can really help potential customers when they are making their order.

Although some customers may find the prices a little on the expensive side, do run a number of special offers and discounts.  This includes Buymyweedonline’s Special Ounce Offers, weekly flash sales and even monthly free giveaways to lucky customers. At the time of writing does not run a loyalty program, although it seems likely that they will follow the example of many other similar sites.  Similarly, there is no referral program which would allow you to receive discounts in exchange for introducing new customers.  

The delivery process is a vital aspect of any reputable online dispensary business.  At free shipping is given for any order in excess of $99. Furthermore, the ordering process appears to be trouble free and straightforward to complete.   

Firstly, add the select the product you would like and add it to your cart.  Once you have added all the items you intend to purchase, click the link to the checkout.  You will need to log in or, if you are not yet a registered member, to complete your registration.  Next, you have the chance to enter any discount codes you may have. At this stage you are asked to check the terms and conditions – these appear to be standard but, of course, you need to read them for yourself.  Instructions are supplied to help you enter your details in order to pay via Interac E-transfer.  

Once your payment is confirmed and received by your items will be processed and packaged ready for shipping the following business day.  Your package will be tracked by the Xpresspost tracking system and once the item is shipped you will receive an email with your tracking number to make sure you know where your items are at all times.  

Reviews seem to be in agreement that delivery is both reliable and prompt with most packages arriving at their destination within three or four days.  Overall, the feedback on indicates very strongly that customers have quite a high level of satisfaction with The website is easy to use, ordering is not difficult and shipping is reliable.  Most of all, it appears that is an online dispensary that can be trusted.  

Overall, there are two clear disadvantages to  The first concerns the means of payment. Many users have noted that payment schemes available on are rather inconvenient as they are limited only to payments in Interact email transfer.  For many customers the ability to make payment by PayPal or credit cards would be a big improvement.  

Secondly, there is the issue of price.  It is very difficult to find a review claiming is the cheapest option out there.  While it is probably true that with weed, as with everything else, you get what you pay for, there are many customers out there who would probably like to find something a little more competitively priced.  

This is where many customers should consider Serene Farms as a possible alternative to  While not as well-known as, Serene Farms has several specific advantages over its better-know competitor.  

Serene Farm’s website is also very easy to navigate, making for a convenient shopping experience for visitors.  The site’s overall design is appealing and clear and the products are easy to browse through and specific items can be found quickly.  One advantage of Serene Farms is that the site features a lot of informative and educational features that could be useful for new cannabis users.

But perhaps the main area which Serene Farms scores more highly than is one price.  Reviewing the website it appears that Serene Farms actually offers lower prices across the board. It is noticeable that Serene Farms has many items in a much lower price bracket than

However, where the difference really becomes apparent is when you look at Serene Farms’ regular special offers and discounts.   Serene Farms often cut their slash prices by 10% and sometimes as much as 50%. Serene Farms offers a range of both regular discounts and very special prices for returning customers.  Referral programs are also extremely attractive for those who have a group of friends interested in shopping online. 

Perhaps the most interesting section of the Serene Farms website for many customers will be the Budget Buds section.  This features many of the dispensary’s best-selling strains at specially discounted prices. The offers available here compare very well against the prices of the same strains for sale on

To sum up, for anyone looking to order cannabis online in Canada it is definitely worth considering both buy my weed online and Serene Farms.  Without doubt, both these sites have their respective strong points and comparing the websites yourself is definitely advisable to see how they suit your own particular requirements.  However, we the findings of this study lead us to conclude that you would be likely to find that both sites are solid choices in a very unreliable marketplace.