MK Ultra

MKU MK Ultra flowers Serene Farms Online Dispensary

MK Ultra

Serene Farms Online Dispensary are now stocking MK Ultra an indica-dominant strain which won 1st place Indica at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2003 and 2nd place in 2004.


The mental manipulation experiments the CIA conducted during the 1950’s provides the inspiration for the name of this powerful  indica-dominant strain.


MK Ultra was created by crossing the famous sativa variety OG Kush with the Indica variety G-13.  The result is a hard-hitting strain with a strong, unusual odor that has been compared to burnt plastic and diesel mixed with lemon.  The flavor, however, is more recognisable, classic earthy tastes with fresh pine notes.


Find MK Ultra is renowned for being one of the heaviest indica hybrids in existence at Serene Farms Online Dispensary home exotic strains and Cheap Weed.  THC levels are up to 18% with CBD at 0.1%.  Consequently, MK Ultra produces strong cerebral effects which hit the user right from the get-go.  It is known for its hypnotic and euphoric effects that immediately sedate the system.  Heavy, drooping eyelids are one of the main signs of MK Ultra.


The capacity to quickly calm nerves mean that MK Ultra is ideal for times when fast-acting, effective medication is needed.  It is used to treat a whole range of painful symptoms and to calm stress and anxiety.  The euphoric effects associated with MK Ultra make is a good choice for those struggling with depression.  Unsurprisingly, MK Ultra is also commonly used by those suffering from insomnia and its ability to stimulate the appetite mean that it is ideal for those with eating disorders.

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