Kief Reviews

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Tale of two strains - Absolute Best Strains of Weed to Smoke

Two of the Best Kief Strains

The two significant forms of cannabis, Kief Strains, and Indica, both are consumed for several medical and recreational purposes. Kiefs are famous for their “head high,” a refreshing and energizing effect that can help reduce anxiety or worries and boosts creativity and focus.

Kief, Indica, Hybrid. When you step up for getting high in the weed world, these plant types are the first terms you’ll learn. Although we think of Kiefs to provide higher effects, indicas to takes into sleep mode, and hybrids to fall somewhere along with the happy zone, the truth is that there are so many strains under each umbrella that we could never establish a real plant type to effect relationship

So, if you desire to try Kiefs, it’s way more essential; to know cannabis genetics to generalize the whole family. And with hundreds and thousands of cannabis strains out there, all giving you different effects, it is slightly daunting to choose which strains to try, particularly if you’re new to this stuff.

Because we care for you and don’t want you to miss out on this extraordinary experience, we have created a list of the best Kief strains that are easiest to find, also known within the weed culture because of their THC content.


Sour Diesel:

It is one of the most famous Kief strains in the weed world. Sour Diesel is a 90% Kief-dominant hybrid that Asshole Joe, the breeder, created when he accidentally crosses a Chemdog 91 plant with a Super Skunk. The result gave us a funky plant with a mix of gassy and citrus aromas. It is also famous for its taste and smells. With its potent high, Sour Diesel leaves users feeling nicely worry-free, relaxed, and stoned, but not for the count! Plenty of people choose this strain for daytime use for various matters.

Strawberry Cough:


This Kief strain is known for its sweet, berry fragrance and flavor. If you want a fruity Kief, then we’ve got a piece of good news. You’ve found your next favorite smoke. This Kief-dominant hybrid is a cross of Strawberry fields and Haze. We know about strains with Haze genetics; it’s quite clearly seen why people feel focused and artistic after this. This strain, Strawberry cough, is perfect for any time-ingesting, but it especially kicks in before running through the day’s to-do list.

Kief best cannabis AAAA strains

Kief is an online dispensary that helps cannabis lovers to get the best AAAA grade strains. It ensures that you get the best quality cannabis at affordable rates. They have a variety of products available on their website. You can order anytime you want without any issue.

Critique AAAA

It is a balanced hybrid strain that has a sweet lemony flavor with a rich spice when you exhale it. It hits both your mind and body and gives you a fully relaxed body. It is perfect for the treatment of depression, anxiety, chronic stress, arthritis, muscle spasms, cramps, and chronic pains. It is a very effective medicinal strain that has made your life easier by getting it from Kief.

Rock star Kush AAAA

It is also called Rockstar OG and has been proved as a great medicinal strain. It is prepared by crossing potent Rockstar and Bubba Kush strains. It is a powerful strain and has a 22-25% THC level. You will be feeling happy and uplifted after taking this strain. It will leave you in a euphoric state. You will feel a big change in your condition once you take the dose of Rockstar. You can get this strain anytime from Kief if you feel stress and anxious. It is a classic strain that will treat chronic stress, inflammation, anxiety, and other disorders.

Killa Crip Kush (AAAA)

It is a top-quality strain that is very heavy and gives you a lot of medical benefits. It makes the user go into a full-body buzz and gives relief from chronic pain, depression, arthritis, and eating disorders. Cancer patients often take this before going to chemotherapy as it has reduced the side effects. It has a variety of flavors that you can get from Kief.

These strains are best for recreational and medical use. Kief will provide you with the best price and amazing quality. You can get it delivered to your doorstep within 2-3 business days with no delays. Grab your favorite AAAA strain from Kief today.