Kandy Kush

Kandy Kush

Everyone remembers the very famous “candy crush” game that stormed or changed the gaming world. In some ways, Herb Approach Kandy Kush stays the same when she carries you to a new height.


Herb Approach Kandy Kush is a similarly balanced Sativa / Indica variety, crossbred by two very popular Trainwreck and OG Kush cannabis.

Herb Approach Kandy Kush strain has pleasant citrus with a faint skunky flavor, making it an excellent option at the end of the day or night. This potent strain is beneficial for the management of stress and is very common because of its healing properties.


Kandy Kush is a favored cannabis strain for those who are searching for a high dose of euphoria. The involvement of OG Kush, creating an inspired and happy state of mind and Trainwreck, led you to the healthy euphoric body. At the onset, you sense the euphoria surrounding you in a state of uplifting happiness. Herb Approach Kandy Kush continues to glow at higher levels, and a pleasant body pulse is evoked to alleviate muscle pain.

Aroma and taste

Herb Approach Kandy Kush has a sweet fruity aroma that reminds you of candies. The Kandy Kush aroma is one of the key factors for its popularity because most medical cannabis consumers love the fragrance.

Herb Approach Kandy Kush has a nice taste with a light touch of citrus with a perfect mix of sweet berry candy.


Kandy Kush is considered one of the euphoric strains on the cannabis menu and is an excellent option for reducing depression.

Kandy Kush little dose best option for those who want more incentive in their personal lives.

Stress is efficiently minimized by its cheerful stimulation, which allows it an ideal option for recovery following a busy day. In small doses, Kandy Kush’s effects make it a suitable strain for generalized euphoric relief at any time of the day.


Kandy Kush, one of the most popular medicinal cannabis varieties, decreases depression and anxiety after a few puffs and offers you a feeling of calmness and relaxation. If that’s the kind of result you’re searching for so why are you waiting?

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