How to Buy Weed Online

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How to Buy Weed Online

Serene Farms sell high quality cannabis products, including shatter available for purchasing online with free, discreet delivery throughout Canada.  

In the last few years an increasing number of states have rolled back the legal restrictions regarding the supply and consumption of cannabis.  At the same time there has been an explosion in e-commerce. More people shop online, more often for a greater number and range of products. Online shopping has become normal.

It is, therefore, unsurprising that there should be a growing interest in buying cannabis online.  For most cannabis users interested in purchasing their weed from websites there are a number of questions that need to be answered before they are reassured.  


  • Is buying weed online legal?
  • Is it safe to buy online or could I lose my money?
  • Are the websites I give my personal details to secure?
  • Will the delivery be on time and discrete?
  • How can I guarantee the quality of the product?
  • Will the product description match what is delivered?



Toronto, March 07, 2020

Shopping online for all manner of products and services has become the new normal and many people no longer give buy goods from a website a second thought.  However, for a number of clear reasons buying cannabis online is clearly a different proposition.

Firstly, with one very well-known exception, most online retailers are simply virtual versions of brick-and-mortar retail outlets.  These retailers are known to the customer and this creates an initial element of trust between vendor and buyer. Secondly, there is the legal question.  While there has been a massive change in the legal status of cannabis in many areas, this has not necessarily clarified the legal status of cannabis in the minds of many prospective consumers.  This is further confused by the fact that when shopping online cannabis can be delivered from one territory to another.  

Finally, there is the issue of the product.  Anyone ordering clothes online will be familiar with the difficulties associated with being sure they have found the right product to suit them.  This is much more confusing when the product is cannabis. Weed and Shatter is notorious for being labelled different names at different times and in different places.  The issue of how to know for sure what will be delivered to you is much more vexing when it is cannabis. Even the delivery itself can be concerning. Is cannabis something you would be happy to have left on your doorstep or with a neighbor?

Here are some concise, to the point answers to these questions that should help to clarify these main issues.

Firstly, it is good practice to obtain a medical marijuana card before you start ordering any cannabis online.  This is not a particularly onerous task in many states and it will be an effective method of alleviating those nagging legal concerns.  

The next step is to find a reliable online store.  In order to avoid any legal difficulties it is a good idea to look local and find a website based in, or that distributes from, your province or state.  Assessing the reliability of any website will involve you doing some research, or at least a little Googling. Consider the following basic questions when evaluating any online cannabis store: Is it a certified medical marijuana dispensary?  If it is, they should ask whether you have a medical marijuana card. Can you easily find a lot of information about the website and the organisation in general? If information is difficult to come by, particularly information not put out by the website itself, this should be a warning sign.  It is also worth taking note of the actual website. Does it appear to have been professionally created by a reputable website company? If it appears to be hastily constructed with little regard for building a long-term, successful business, then this should ring alarm bells. 

The final points to consider are the actual products and prices.  If these seem out of ordinary, particularly if they appear too cheap to be true then it is likely they are. 

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