How to Buy Weed Online 2

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How to Buy Weed Online 2

As the loosening of legislation around cannabis has increased and become more widespread, the number of online dispensaries has grown rapidly.  While huge numbers of people now regularly shop online for an incredible range of goods, attitudes towards buying cannabis from websites remain hesitant. 

This is understandable.  At the same time as interest in ordering cannabis to be delivered has never been higher, doubts are bound to remain.  In order for potential consumers to be reassured a number of issues need to be resolved.  

Firstly there is the obvious question of whether it is actually legal to buy cannabis online.  No e-commerce concept can possibly survive if customers are worried they are breaking the law. The other major concern for consumers is the lingering worry of whether they may lose their money.  Shopping online inevitably involves customers handing over personal and sensitive data and a persistent source of anxiety is whether online dispensaries can be trusted to keep this data secure.  

Customers are also understandably concerned about their delivery – will it be on time, will the packaging be suitable?  And lastly, there are worries surrounding the actual product. Evaluating the quality of cannabis through a website is much more problematic than many other products.

For those looking to purchase cannabis products online, Serene Farms and BMWO is a secure, reliable online dispensary offering top-quality buds and brands and a free, discreet delivery service throughout Canada.

Toronto, March 11, 2020


In recent years, shopping online has become standard behaviour and many people barely think twice before ordering products from a website.  Yet, despite the rolling back of legislation regarding cannabis, this is still not the case for cannabis products. Clearly, there are a number of factors that dictate that buying cannabis online is a different matter entirely.

First and foremost are the legal issues.  The seismic shifts in the legal status of cannabis has changed many things but in the minds of most potential consumers it has hardly made things clearer.  For online customers the situation is further blurred by concerns over variations of re regulations in different territories. 

Online retailers such as BMWO are generally virtual extensions of physical retail units and this brand recognition means customers are predisposed to trust them.  Such a scenario is unlikely to exist in the world of online dispensaries where all retailers are new to the game.  

There are also likely concerns related to the product itself.  For many standard products with well-known brand names, ordering online is fairly straightforward.  This is not the case with cannabis. Weed is notoriously imprecise,its labels vary across different places and change over time.  Quality is not always consistent. Customers are faced with the worry that what they think that are ordering online may not be exactly what turns up on their doorstep.   Then there are concerns over the delivery itself. Will it be safe? Will the packaging be discreet?

With all these worries it is helpful to consider a few important points that can help alleviate the stress of ordering cannabis online.  

Your very first step should be to obtain a medical marijuana card.  This is a clear and effective method of ridding yourself of nagging legal doubts and can easily be achieved in most states.  

Secondly, spend a little time and effort in finding a reliable online dispensary.  The best way to avoid any legal concerns is to search for one based in your province or state. There are a number of key issues you need to address.  The first is to establish that the website is run by a certified medical marijuana dispensary. All medical dispensaries will require you to have a medical marijuana card when you place an order.

You should be able to easily find good quality information about the dispensary.  If the only information about the site appears to come from the site itself, then this is a bad sign and you should proceed with caution.  

A further act of due diligence is to examine the website carefully.  A reputable online dispensary that intends to develop a long-term business with many return customers will look exactly as you would expect, with a professionally designed, clear and well-thought out website.  Anything that appears under construction, littered with errors and inconsistent, should probably not be trusted.  

Finally, you should focus on the product itself.  Does it appear as if the site is selling good quality cannabis at prices you would expect?  If the products seem unusual, particularly if they are an incredible bargain, it is likely that something is not quite right. 


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