How does cannabis get its colorHere’s why some strains turn purple

Of course, the purple weed looks impressive – great to learn how to roll a joint. Many purple strains have become world-famous owing to their distinctive color and strong mental shifts. But is it a different color that indicates that a specific strain is going to be stronger? Or are they more medically useful than others? In this post, we’re going to discuss why weed is purple and what this means for cannabis lovers of the world.

Why Does Weed Turn Purple?

Many strain of hemp turns purple due to the high pigment content of the leaves called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are natural, water-soluble pigments in several species. They are blueberries, blackberries, and red grapes with pigments in color. They are also found in some cannabis strains. These anthocyanin pigments reason for the variation of colors in buds of various plants.

Not only do anthocyanins turn cannabis purple. They may transform it into a range of colors like red, yellow, dark green, blue, and black. The color of marijuana also relies on the origins and production of the plant itself. Many factors affect actual anthocyanin pigments’ color and stability. Temperature, light, pH, and structure all have an influence.

Many strains inherently have increased levels of anthocyanin. These strains, for example, show their lovely purplish colors in such circumstances, as they begin the “winter” period of flowering. This is a normal phenomenon dictated by a mixture of biology and environmental conditions of the plant.

Are purple cannabis strains are stronger?

They might be more visual and glamorous, but purple strains are not inherently more effective. A purple-colored plant subjected to cold temperature will also create less THC. Therefore, it is essential to remember, as Robert Clarke put it correctly in The Cannabible, “A range of traits is desirable only in certain varieties under certain conditions.”

Many hemp plants are likely to turn purple under the right circumstances. If you cultivate one of these strains, you will obtain a spectacular foliage show in the time of harvest. But certain strains cannot and will never turn purple regardless of how hard you try. In such situations, you can damage your plants rather than change their color. Therefore, it is easier not to try at all. Of course, we are attracted to something else, and nobody can argue that purple cannabis is incredibly beautiful. So, if you’ve bored with green cannabis and want to do something else, why don’t you start cultivating purple marijuana? Let us know if you do that in the comment box here – how to roll a joint