High Voltage Extracts Reviews

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Understanding the Influence of Terpenes on the Body

A growing body of research and anecdotal evidence suggests that terpenes have a slew of therapeutic benefits on the human body, both on their own and in harmony with other cannabinoids.

Much Like CBD and THC from High Voltage Extracts, terpenes are found in great abundance in cannabis and various other plants. This chemical is responsible for aroma and flavor. Other well-known chemicals found in cannabis include myrcene, pinene, limonene, and linalool.

A Closer Inspection of Studies Done on Terpenes

A 2001 review explored the potential mechanisms of aromatic compounds in cannabis, with the authors arguing that terpenes increase serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and GABA activity. High Voltage Extracts Terpenes may have a synergistic effect on cannabis-mediated pain relief.

More concrete evidence of terpenes’ psychological effects can be found in a 2003 study on positive and negative moods. The study concluded that odors played a role in a person’s mood, reduced anxiety, and alleviated pain. Participants who didn’t like an odor experienced a negative psychological impact when exposed to it.

Examples of Terpenes

There are hundreds of terpenes out there, but the ones we’re concerned about are mostly found in limonene and linalool rich strains. They are likely to be mood-elevating.

Below are three of the most prominent examples of terpenes found in cannabis strains:


Limonene is a common High Voltage Extracts terpenes that can be recognized by its scent. It’s mostly associated with fruity aromas found in everyday items like cosmetics, cleaning products, and fruit rinds. Limonene has numerous potential therapeutic benefits on the body, mostly backed up by anecdotal evidence. Research is still underway. But for the most part, limonene has various  applications including:

  • Stress relief
  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Improve absorption of other terpenes and chemicals by way of skin
  • Regulate mood disorders


Pinene is a naturally abundant terpenes. The two main variants of Pinene are a-Pinene and b-Pinene. Pinene can stimulate antibiotic properties and block inflammation. Some studies suggest that the compound may aid in memory retention – the keyword being ‘may’.


Myrcene is a common terpene found in commercial cannabis also found on High Voltage Extracts. It is also found in hops and lemongrass, which was used as folk medicine for hundreds of years. A few studies on rodents suggest that myrcene at high doses may have muscle relaxant effects.

Perhaps more noteworthy is the role of myrcene in blocking cancer-causing effects of aflatoxins that are produced by fungi. Myrcene can also protect DNA damage from various toxins. The only problem is, we’re not sure how much myrcene is needed to achieve these effects on humans – and if natural cannabis strains have these amounts.

Must try these excellent High Voltage Extracts strains for insomnia

Do you want to get rid of sleepless nights? High Voltage Extracts is one of the best Canadian dispensaries that can help you get your favorite strains without any hassle. Take your phone and open the website of High Voltage Extracts to order your desired strains.

Many strains are best for healing insomnia, and you will be finding 100% original products on the site.

House Banana

It is an Indica dominant strain that is prepared by crossing OG Kush and banana. This hybrid earns its name because of its flavor of banana. It treats insomnia, pain, muscular pain, and appetite loss. You will feel intense hunger and can get a peaceful sleep. You can get this strain from High Voltage Extracts Strain without going out of your home.

God Bubba

God Bubba is a marijuana strain that has a potency of around 16-25%. It helps in enhancing your mood and gives you a body high. It consists of a long-lasting high that provides you with calming effects. It can eliminate anxiety and stress. It is famous for inducing couch lock and leaves you in a euphoric state. You will remain motivated after taking this strain. Once you get full-body relaxation, you will get a peaceful sleep. It treats conditions like PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

House Zombie Kush

It is a marijuana strain that is unique and available for the user who wants to have a proper sleep. It is the best strain for producing heavy smoke. It has a natural flavor that carries less strong flavor than other strains. It has strong effects that are recommended at night. It provides you the utter relaxation throughout your body and turns you into a sleepy state. It’s a blissful strain found on High Voltage Extracts that aids you in napping and relaxing on your couch.

Grab your favorite strains from High Voltage Extracts and enjoy them before going to bed. You will not regret shopping from an online dispensary like High Voltage Extracts because it gives you an amazing experience that you will not get anywhere else.