High Grade Aid Reviews

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Tale of two strains - Absolute Best Strains of Weed to Smoke

5 Ways of Getting the Most Out of Your THC

The best way to get the most out of your THC from HighGradeaid is to eat fruits high in terpenes (such as mangoes) before taking a whiff. Another easy trick in the book is to store the weed in an airtight container. This will preserve the freshness of your cannabinoids and prevent the aromatics from flying away.

Below are 5 certain tricks you can use to get the most out of your HighGradeaid weed.

Store in an Air-Tight Jar

Air dries buds to the point where they crumble at the slightest touch. Studies have also shown that dried weed has a lower quantity of terpenes in the bud. This is why when it dries, it loses its potency, aroma, and flavor. If you don’t want to smoke harsh, dry, and flavorless weed with a small THC amount, store your HighGradeaid weed in an airtight container.

Pro tip: Use a mason jar to preserve the quality of your precious buds.

Store Vaped Bud

When you’re done vaping, don’t discard the contents right away. Instead, save your vaped HighGradeaid bud so you can use it to make edibles.

Eat a Mango Before Ingesting Weed

Did you know that certain terpenes, when combined with THC can create a more potent euphoric effect? This is because terpenes do not decrease cannabinoid receptor accessibility. Instead, they prime cannabinoid receptors so they can respond to cannabinoids.

This is why it is recommended to eat fruits that are naturally high in terpenes before smoking weed. This is the cheapest and simplest trick in the book for getting the most out of your weed.

Lose weight

You read that right: losing weight can actually improve your response to THC.

According to researchers at the University of Sidney, THC has a strong affinity for fat tissue. It travels quickly from blood to fat cells where it accumulates and just stays there for several weeks. A quick workout can release all this trapped THC from fat cells.

Click here to learn more about this theory.

Use Hemp Wick

Hemp wick lets you get more precise corner hits. This is because it is coated in beeswax that provides a more controlled burn. Moreover, if you put out the flame, the enflamed string can be used to ignite anything it touches. This avoids excess burning and preserves important cannabinoids like THC that are responsible for getting you high.

Why Cannabis is a Great Sleeping Aid

Millions of people across North America suffer from sleep problems. Some of these are temporary sleep disturbances, while others can be chronic in nature. People with long-lasting sleep problems may need to turn to addictive sleep medication to get a good night’s rest – Highgradeaid can help!. However, it is believed that cannabis also works as a great sleeping aid.

Cannabis and Sleep

Cannabis contains two active compounds that are believed to help with sleep. These are THC and CBD products which are sold at Highgradeaid.

One study found that THC can help patients with sleep problems fall asleep faster and maintain a sleeping state for longer. However, THC is also the compound that produces the psychoactive “high” associated with cannabis, and sometimes produces anxiety. If you do not want to experience this before going to bed, you should choose a cannabis strain with a lower THC concentration.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. It is believed to be responsible for cannabis’ relaxing and pain relieving effects. If you are experiencing sleep problems due to anxiety or chronic pain, CBD can help you get a good night’s rest.

Is Cannabis a Good Alternative to Sleep Medications?

Many patients with chronic insomnia are prescribed sleeping medications such as benzodiazepines to help them fall asleep. However, these medications can be addictive and may cause serious side effects from long term use. Cannabis could potentially be a good alternative to these sleep medications because it is non-addictive, and isn’t believed to produce dangerous side effects.

Cannabis can also be purchased from retailers such as Highgradeaid easily, while many sleep medications require a doctor’s prescription, which can be difficult to acquire.

As you can see, there are many reasons to try cannabis as a sleeping aid. This miraculous product-of-nature offers a wide variety of therapeutic benefits. So check out Highgradeaid web store and see which cannabis strains work best for your sleep problems.

High-Grade Aid: Important Facts You Should Know About CBD

High-Grade Aid: Important Facts You Should Know About CBD

CBD products from highgradeaid have been all the rage these days, and while that is true, not many people are exactly sure of what the hemp plant is. Besides recreational use, CBD is particularly helpful for health and wellness. More and more brands are now incorporating it into their products.

Before you venture into the market and look for CBD products for yourself, take a look at these crucial facts you should know about.

CBD Facts You Should Know About

Here are all the essential things highgradeaid provides that you must know before you begin consuming CBD.

1.    THC gets you high, not CBD

A common misconception is that CBD is what gets you high. However, that is not true. Both cannabinoids influence the body, but it is the THC concentration that makes you high. CBD has an entirely different physical effect.

2.    CBD oil can be extracted from both hemp and cannabis plants

Though CBD is commonly associated with cannabis, the fact is that you can extract CBD from the hemp plant as well. For the most part, the two plants are mainly similar. The only difference between them is in their concentration of CBD and THC.

3.    CBD has three main types

These include full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. These vary from each other in terms of their purity, potency, and how much cannabis is included.

4.    CBD oil can be used in cooking

This is why more recipes are popping up on the internet that includes the addition of a few drops of CBD oil. Most famous food brands like Coca-Cola and Oreos are also planning on infusing CBD in their products.

5.    You can apply CBD topically

Another area where CBD is popping up is in the beauty industry. Now, CBD is being used in creams, scrubs, and bath bombs. It helps to smoothen skin and reduce redness and irritability. More topicals can be found at highgradeaid

6.    You can use CBD on your pets too

Pet-owners have started using CBD infused chewables and CBD oils for their pets to relieve their anxiety, soothe inflammation, and improve mobility of joints. Check out highgradeaid for more products for your pets

Safety Concerns with High-Grade Aid: Should You Drive on CBD?

Safety Concerns with High-Grade Aid: Should You Drive on CBD?

CBD is derived from cannabis and is known for its positive impact on the body – without causing a euphoric high. It is available in various forms, from edibles to ice creams, and cocktails to salves. We still have a long way to go before we can fully understand exactly how CBD works. Get all the best CBD products at HighGradeAid.

HighGradeAid raises an important question: is it possible to take CBD oil and drive in Canada safely? Let’s find out.

Can CBD Oil Impair Driving?

Despite being extracted from cannabis, CBD is not a psychoactive agent. Studies have shown that CBD interacts with the CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system to manage mood and relieve stress. It does so by regulating the production of chemicals such as serotonin, also referred to as the ‘happy hormone.’

CBD can also counteract the ‘hunger’ hormone called ghrelin while improving the effects of leptin. This can create a feeling of satiety and can help people manage their diet.

CBD also works with the CB2 receptors to manage inflammation and boost the immune system, making it ideal for athletes who want to improve their results.

Since CBD is not a psychoactive compound, it does not impair one’s driving ability. With that said, certain CBD products may contain a high amount of THC. Consuming such products will cause a euphoric high that could potentially affect your driving skills.

So if you are planning to drive after taking CBD, make sure to read the product’s labels. You should only use CBD isolates that have 100% of the compound. You can find CBD supplements that contain 0% THC at HighGradeAid. These products are made using the advanced CO2 extraction method that improves purity while making the product completely safe for consumption.

Wrapping Up – Can I Use CBD Oil and Drive in Canada?

You can drive on CBD if you haven’t taken any THC. There is a big difference between both compounds and how they interact with the brain.

So there you have it: a clear understanding of why CBD is more than safe to drive with.

Note: It is known that CBD can counter some of the mind-altering effects of THC, but it’s not enough to prevent euphoric reactions and, therefore, should not be used if you plan to drive.,

Want to find high-quality CBD in Canada? Check out our shop at HighGradeAid for medicinal and recreational cannabis strains.

How to Get Rid of Weed Smell

How to Get Rid of Weed Smell

Weed, as we’re all aware, has a distinctively rich smell that can linger on forever. The smell, for better or worse, has its own charms – but what if you don’t want to give yourself away to the neighbors or your landlord?

Below are a few tips from HighGradeAid to get rid of the smell without breaking the bank.

Use Natural Deodorizers

It’s the oldest trick in the book – masking the smell of weed with something else. This step requires the use of an odor deodorizer that can conceal the odors of the green stuff. A quick search on Amazon for “natural deodorizers” will yield interesting results.

Pro tip from HighGradeAid: Make sure the fragrances are natural without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Mask Your Breath

Don’t forget to cover your breath because weed will leave a lingering scent on you. A quick mouthwash with something like Listerine will get rid of the weed smell. And as an added benefit, you’ll also get your daily dose of oral hygiene. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. For less smelly weed products, visit HighGradeAid

Use Incense to Cover the Smell of Weed

It’s the oldest trick in the book that dates back thousands of years across different cultures and civilizations. Lighting up a few sticks of incense is a great way to cover your tracks and fills the room with the smell of incense instead. You can find a pretty good deal on Amazon for incense products that cover an entire range of scents including jasmine, sunrise, and sandalwood.

Use a Multi-Purpose Cleaner

The smell of weed can make its way into surfaces and fabrics – and not just the air itself. This is why it may be essential to wipe down furniture, countertops, and other surfaces near your smoking area. Make sure the cleaning solution has a strong scent that can cover the smell of weed.

Odor Removing Scented Candle

Many manufacturers sell scented candles that are designed specifically for the purpose of getting rid of the smell of weed. To be more effective, you can light up the candle 30 minutes before you smoke a joint.

Ready to smoke some high-quality weed? Visit HighGradeAid for the best weed in town or contact us for more tips on covering the smell.