4 Iconic Foods to Try Stoned

4 Iconic Foods to Try Stoned

4 Iconic Foods to Try Stoned

You know that moment when you’re stoned and absolutely famished?

In this short guide by Herb Approach, we’ll discuss the best foods when you can’t help but stuff your mouth with all the bacon and chips you can handle.

Ice Cream

Once you are fully stoned, the next logical step would be to follow it up with something delicious, sweet, and cold. Ice cream happens to all of these boxes. It is available in dozens of sweet flavors that can appeal to just about every other palette. Just make sure to opt for high-quality, healthy variants!


What makes pizza so addictive and delicious? There is a scientific reason for our attraction to pizzas. As it turns out, humans are naturally drawn to sweet, rich, fatty, and complex foods. Pizza happens to have rich meat toppings, fatty cheese, and sweet sauces – a stellar combo that keeps us coming back when we’re absolutely stoned.

Marijuana users frlom Herb Approach can’t seem to get enough of pizza, especially when they can have it delivered to their home.


Chocolate dissolves slowly in the mouth and dramatically increases brain activity and heart rate. More importantly, chocolate contains anandamide, a ‘pleasure’ chemical that is naturally found in the brain. It is very similar to THC found in marijuana. This chemical makes the natural anandamide in the brain last for a longer duration.

Bonus points if you can choose dark chocolate because it contains extra antioxidants. Whether you want them earthy, smoky, caramelly, or nutty, chocolate has you covered in nearly every department.


Just like pizza, the main reason you can’t stop munching on chips is because of the salt content. According to one study, adding salt to the meals caused volunteers to eat 11% more calories than the group that didn’t have salt.

Toss in the satisfying crunch of chewing on crispy chips, and it’s easy to see why so many people just can’t seem to get enough of chips. Herb Approach Cannabis lowers your self-control and inhibitions, which explains why you’ve got the sudden taste for a giant bag of chips.

Hungry yet?

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