Herb Live Resin Dab Pen Feels So Good

Herb Live Resin Dab Pen Feels So Good

These dab pens, also known as “Stingers,” are filled with live resin sauce. It is a high terpene extract that is derived from the live resin procedure. With zero artificial terpenes, zero distillate, and zero harmful oils and additives- Herb live resin dab pen gives you a pure dab on the go.

One puff from Nektr Extracts the Stringer Live Resin Dab Pen, and you know it’s not another average vape. The moment the Herb pen leaves your lips, a gentle tingle takes over your entire body with a relaxing buzz, an amusing reminder that you are on a high almost instantly. The premium quality flower plant present in each batch of live resin is sourced from exclusive primary origin farms, ensuring you get an exceptional, smooth, and consistent vaping experience each time.

Users can expect increased focus and an instant burst of creativity from the pen, which are perfect for streaming Netflix after a long day to relax or work on a project. The best part of all, the punch from the sauce pen, leaves you with a feeling of general wellness. And you know why? It’s due to the full spectrum presence of cannabinoid components responsible for the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of cannabis.

The cannabinoids present in the Herb live resin dab pen are Δ-9-THC, THCs, and CBGa, famous for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. CBDa and CBD are the primary source of relief from depression, nausea, pain, and insomnia.

The healing effects are incredible, particularly for the people consuming it for medical and therapeutic purposes. Still, the Live Resin Sauce Pen has even more and better to offer – The Taste. This cannabis extract is so rich and fresh in terms of flavor that you’ll think it’s a flower, which is the purpose behind the brand’s pen-to-pen experience.

The process initiates by flash-freezing the whole flower plant directly after harvesting, with no curing time. The immediate freezing process produces a high terp extract. It’s then extracted at subzero high critical temperature throughout the rest of the process, which helps lock in high terpenes that deliver a delicious flavor profile.

Herb strains come in various flavors, each packed with its unmatched taste and unbeatable therapeutic benefits. The stinger’s pen may appear to be partially filled as they’re filled with 0.5g of pure live resin sauce and no fillers or additives, so you enjoy the pure experience.