Green Society Announces that The Boss is Finally Back in The Market!

Green Society Announces that The Boss is Finally Back in The Market!

With a 22%-25% THC range, it is no shock that this El Jefe from Online Dispensary Canada has earned the name “The Boss” among marijuana lovers. This Indica strain is essentially a cross of 30% #1 Rare Darkness and 70% Abusive OG.  It has powerful effects, fully bodies and paired with its outstanding classic essence, which definitely makes it strain for you and your friend to try. El Jefe also stands out as a unifying factor for both beginners, as well as veterans.

This one of a kind cannabis-product has sticky white trichomes, not forgetting its brightly colored orange hairs that when fully developed, engulf dark shades of green color of the strain’s thick bud-formation. Harshly and earthy, are the best adjectives that can describe El Jefe’s aroma. It also emits some slight pungency. Nevertheless, its smell could also deceive that these flavor palates, but the ingredients used are surely no further from those traits. Its taste can be described as a blend of rich pine and bold spicy lemon, and are certain to keep all your senses engaged.

 This strain also happily boasts of being able to manage many kinds of pain, from muscle tensions to any degree of injury-caused pain, its mixtures are just perfect for your circumstances. However, for those who suffer from muscle spasms, cramps, or eye pressure, it is recommended that they increase their El Jefe doses so as to get the effect that they are looking for. El Jefe also helps with the treatment of depression, anorexia, lack of appetite, ADHD, and anxiety.

Green Society, ranked among the top weed sellers in Canada and on Online Dispensary Canada. At Green Society, customers are treated with priority, with affordability and quality of products, being the principle focus in the company’s restocking activities. The company’s inventory is specifically sourced from reputable growers, and the company works under a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to quality. Visit this store and you surely will get a deal of your life.

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