How Can Cannabis Help Treat Sciatica Symptoms? Must try these strains From GrassLife

Sciatica pain can be characterized as a chronic condition that can cripple the person and hinder their normal routine. It starts from the mid of the hip and can travel to the shin. The pain can be continuous or can be felt in jolts. This condition has a treatment that follows on with surgery, while GrassLife  offers a few strains that help treat your condition.


Sciatic Pain and Cannabis

Sciatic pain is the pain arising from the sciatic nerve, which is located near the hip region and may be subjected to trauma due to disk entanglement. The pain is excruciating and can even lead to paresthesia. It needs to be treated, or it may worsen. Usually, strains with higher THC levels are used to treat sciatic pain in this condition, while the CBD helps alleviate the inflammation at the site, and the THC helps numb the pain. Get these strains at GrassLife

The THC is mainly high in indica strains, but now many hybrid strains have both indica and Sativa, which incorporates the THC and CBD levels in the trichomes, which can be smoked, ingested, and even used topically. For sciatic pain, it is advised for ingestion rather than Topicals.

Special Strains

The online dispensary GrassLife offers different strains for medical use; the dispensary offers effective and highly potent strains in sciatic pain alleviation.

  1. OG Kush

Having over 34% of THC in the strain, it has been known as the strongest marijuana. It is highly effective in sciatic nerve pain as it numbs the pain, relaxes the muscles, and uplifts the mood. The cannabinoids in the strain reduce the inflammation, which also adds to the pain alleviation of the strain. This strain is Indica dominant hybrid.

  1. Mob Boss

For those with morning shifts and jobs, them this Sativa dominant hybrid strain is far more effective. It has over 22% THC due to 40% indica, giving it a full-body high and alleviating pain.


Sciatic pain is a nerve defect and can be cured with marijuana strains if taken correctly. The best strains for sciatica pain cure are offered by GrassLife for those suffering from this condition.