GrassLife: – Four perfect cannabis strains for every cannabis lover

There are people who do not do cannabis at all. Then there are those who do cannabis just for fun sometimes and then come to the cannabis lovers. And for these cannabis lovers, elite cannabis is the best kind of cannabis. What category do you belong to? If you are cannabis lover, GrassLife  have some of the perfect strains for you. Unlike regular strains, these are especially adequate for cannabis freaks. Try them to satisfy your cannabis needs!

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Strawberry Shortcake (Popcorn)

The strawberry shortcake popcorn from GrassLife is a Sativa leaning hybrid marijuana strain with a 70:30 ratio. Just as its name says, this strain holds a sweet berry flavor with spicy undertones, and so is the flavor with the inclusion of strong diesel traces. Upon smoking, you will get into a euphoric zone and relax. This strain can help in treating stress, mood swings, depression, fatigue, and ADHD.

White Widow (AA)

Belonging from the ideal strains for cannabis lovers at GrassLife, this one right here is a Sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain with a 60:40 ratio. It is known for leaving you with a strong euphoric sensation right away. As for its aroma, this strain has a citrusy and pepper-like aroma alongside a citrusy lemon flavor. White Widow can help in treating conditions like depression, stress, chronic pains, anxiety, and PTSD.

Duke Nukem (Popcorn)

Duke Nukem (popcorn) is a Sativa leaning hybrid strain with an infusion of 20% tetrahydrocannabinol. It possesses a very pleasant earthy aroma with skunky undertones. Upon consumption, you will feel energetic, and also your mood will be uplifted, leaving you all giggly. This strain from GrassLife is also known for being an ailment for conditions like insomnia, depression, stress, anxiety, and pain.


Cannabis lovers demand top-class cannabis effects because that is exactly what keeps them going. Be it the cheap or the expensive strains, the effects must be top-notch, and that is about it. These strains from GrassLife are exactly what we are talking about—the perfect strains for cannabis lovers.