Grass Life – Best cannabis strains every cannabis lover must try once

Grass life has in store for you a wide range of cannabis products. It provides you with utmost quality at a very friendly price range. Good quality cannabis is what every cannabis lover looks around for, and the best is what you will find at this online dispensary.


Still in doubt? Try out these cannabis strains to satisfy yourself.

Garlic breath

Garlic breath is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain. Just as unique as this strain is, so is its flavor. It has a distinct garlic flavor with a mixture of earthiness. As you smoke the garlic breath from Grass life, a relaxing euphoric feeling enters your mind uplifting your mood and making you feel sleepy out of relaxation. It is good for treating depression, headaches, pains, loss of appetite, and stress.

Peanut butter breath

This peanut butter breath from Grass life is a hybrid marijuana strain. The name of this strain speaks for the most of itself. Peanut butter breath has an earthy and nutty flavor when you smoke it. It also has very tiny hints of a citrus touch. This strain will leave you a state of deep relaxation and calmness with a happy mood and with soothing effects of euphoria. You need to try this!

Pink berry

Just as it never disappoints, grass life has in store for you this insanely delicious Indica dominant strain. It has a very sweet and fruity berry flavor that will make you feel you are eating a fresh bowl of berries, tingling your taste buds. It has a sweet fruity aroma with a mix of floral. Every puff of this cannabis strain will make you crave more. It gives you a relaxing feeling that is ideal for falling asleep.


This Indica-dominant strain is a rare hybrid. As for the aroma, it has a very sour diesel aroma with amnesia haze. It feels sour on your taste buds as you smoke it. This Indica strain from Grass life leaves your body all calmed and relaxed. A fuzzy buzz enters your body, soothing your mind just so much. Along comes an uplifted mood but one without high levels of energy. Jokerz strain can be ideal for helping sleep.


To please your inner cannabis lover, you must try these cannabis strains for sure!