Grass life: Are you looking for something different? Must try these grass life edibles

Are you sick and tired of having to smoke the same old strains every day, and they do not make you feel good enough anymore? Don’t you worry! Have you yet tried  grass life  strains? Head over to their online dispensary if you have not already. You will find a wide range of edibles as an alternative for your old boring strains to make you feel like never before.

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Mikro – 1:1 THC/CBD Gummies – 100mg – Citrus

These CBD gummies from grass life are just the right option with the correct dosage of cannabis for you to satisfy your cannabis need. These yummy treats are known to make you feel effects that are moderate and not too much to make you psychoactive out of your mind. These natural citrus flavored treats also are a great help in relieving your stress.

High Dose – Cannabis Infused Gummies – Blackberry – 1000mg/1500mg

These cannabis-infused gummies all the way from grass life are the gummies that you can enjoy at a friend get-together night. Sharing is caring, and that applies to these yummers too! These high dosed gummies possess about 1000 to 1500mg of THC concentration per piece, and that asks to be shared amongst friends. They give a head high with an uplifted mood.

Doobie Snacks – Sour Keys – 200mg THC

As for these sour treats from grass life possesses a sour taste just as obviously as the name says. These THC-infused gummies contain 50mg THC concentration per piece. If you enjoy sour candies, these are the ones for you. These handcrafted sour gummy treats are well known for helping with chronic pain, insomnia, loss of appetite, ADHD, and depression.

Infused Chocolate – Cookies & Cream – 300mg

This cannabis-infused chocolate is all that you need to try just as soon as possible. It possesses a very yummy creamy cookie flavor that will melt into your mouth within a matter of a few seconds. They hold about 25mh THC concentration per piece.


Cannabis intake through yummy edibles is probably the best way to get your everyday dosage of cannabis; Grass life has the best edibles infused with CBD to satisfy your need.