Discrete Ways of Consuming Weed

Discrete Ways of Consuming Weed

Smoking weed is going to leave a lingering smell for hours after you’ve smoked a joint. Some people don’t like the smell and like to keep things discrete. The good news is that there are options for everyone these days.

Here are several methods from GrassLife of getting weed into your system – discretely.

Use Edibles

THC-infused gummy bears, brownies, and other edibles are an effective and delicious way of consuming weed. You can make the edibles yourself but we recommend using a reputable vendor for the best results.

Pro tip from GrassLife: Make sure to keep your dosage low if you’re just starting out.

Pills and Tablets

Cannabinoids like THC and CBD can be extracted from weed and distilled into a concentrated package – we’re talking pills and tablets. The advantage of pills is that they don’t have extra calories. Simply buy and eat – no need to prepare anything. Just don’t toss all of them into your mouth at once. Take it slow and increase your dosage according to your requirements.

Transdermal Patches

Did you know that cannabinoids can pass through the skin barrier and directly enter your bloodstream (and completely bypassing the digestive system)? This is possible thanks to transdermal patches. These products can be applied to your skin and will provide a slow but steady dose of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, terpenes – and any combo you like). It doesn’t get more discrete than this.


Tinctures are prepared with concentrated weed extracts by soaking them in a solvent like alcohol. They are very discreet and easy to dose with the help of a dropper. Apply a few drops using the sublingual method (under the tongue) for near-immediate results. Get all the best THC and CBD Tinctures at GrassLife


Vapes work by heating up the weed and producing a vapor that is immediately inhaled. There is no smoke, and hence, no one around you is bothered. Vapes can accommodate a wide range of products and are easier on your lungs.  Most people won’t even notice that you’re taking a hit off your vaporizer.

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