Three Ganja Express Distillates products that ease your life

Three Ganja Express Distillates products that ease your life

Looking for cannabis extract and form with the highest potency and maximum versatility? You have come to the right place; Ganja Express is the best online Canadian dispensary offering the best cannabis products and pure forms, such as the Distillates.

Distillates- The silver lining you need

Health is a blessing, but there are times when unexpected issues can render you crippled in life. Physical and mental health goes hand in hand. But there is always a solution with Mother Nature; only the best set of skills can polish the treasures—one of the treasures being, Distillates.

It is the purest form of cannabis; this oily emulsion is free from all impurities, waxes, and other cannabinoids, focusing on only one. The THC focused is more hallucinogenic and have mental stimulation. On the other hand, CBD is more medical and offers a far greater therapeutic spectrum.

CBD Full Spectrum

The offered Distillates from Ganja Express have a CBD full spectrum which means it has different terpenes and cannabinoids in the mix with less than 0.3% THC. It is the best product for insomnia, increased sleep time, chronic pain, and even help with anxiety.

  1. FeelCBD Full Spectrum CO2 Extraction CBD Vaporizer Kit (250mg CBD Pen)

When it comes to Distillates, they can be used as vaporizers as well; the kit is available for easy use and is highly effective. This slim pen is easy to use and is highly effective, with negligible harm to the lungs.

  1. FeelCBD Full Spectrum CO2 Extraction CBD Vape Cartridge (250mg CBD)

The ease of availing a continuous dose of therapeutic CBD for better symptomatic control; the refills for Vape pens or vapes are also available in a highly potent CBD formulation.

  1. FeelCBD Full Spectrum Disposable Vape Pen

A far easier and inexpensive way to keep your symptoms in control; a number of puffs are available of these Vape. The CBD offers a potent treatment for pain and anxiety.


The dispensary Ganja Express exclusively offers medicinal cannabis products and is available for all who seek to soothe their pains around Canada. Ganja Express is an amazing dispensary offering the best cannabis products. Get your distillates now and soothe your pain away.