Three Best Way to Smoke Weed

Three Best Way to Smoke Weed

Cannabis is a raw product of the marijuana plant; to consume it for the full effect, there are plenty of ways it can be used. With online dispensaries available such as the Ganja express, you can use their expertise in knowing what the Best ways to smoke marijuana and cannabis are. Some people might think there cannot be more than one way but be prepared to be surprised. It all comes down to what will bring the maximum effect when smoked. There are plenty of ways to smoke weed, but the ones with maximum potency are;

  1. Joints

Joints have been one of the Best ways to smoke; the weed is rolled in rice paper or any normal paper and tightly rolled. The hits are strong and relaxing. Many consumers mix the weed with tobacco leaves, making the hits stay for a longer time. Usually, all consumers smoke their weed in joint forms as it is the most common and easy way to get your effects. You can get great preroll joints with superior strains at Ganja express

  1. Blunts

Blunts are bigger and have stronger hits than joints. In formation, the blunts are exactly similar to joints, but the size and difference of paper make it superior in effect. Because it contains far more weed and is rolled in tobacco paper or cigar paper, the effects are heavy and have a higher mental buzz.

  1. Pipes

Pipes were first used for tobacco; it was a time when cigarettes were not in fashion, but pipes were a fashion choice. The direct inhalation of weed from the pipe gives the weed a higher and more potent effect. Usually, the weed is not mixed with tobacco in pipes, making it safer to use compared to other tobacco-added ways. Pipe is still considered one of the Best ways to smoke, next to bongs.

Best ways to smoke

It all comes down to personal preferences. If you have a good quality weed from Ganja express on your hand, it will give you good and heavy effects no matter how you smoke it.


There may be many personal opinions about the Best ways to smoke, but the effect of smoking weed comes down to what you prefer and what you are most comfortable with. Ganja express is offering best amazing weed strains that you can avail.