New Strains of Ganja Express

Ganja Express is a Canada-based website that brings medical cannabis to your doorstep without any hassle. Our medical marijuana helps people with medical conditions like chronic pain, nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, PTSD, etc.

Ganja Express New Stock

We bring you the newest strains on our Ganja Express website. The newest strains are as follows Banana Foster, Black Domina, Chem Fire, 24k Gold, Agent Orange, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Black Tuna, Blue Cheese, Blue Heron, Blue Widow, Bruce Banner, Bubba Kush, Bubba X Skunk, Bubblegum Kush, Comatose, Dark Star and many more.

The best-rated amongst the new strains are Agent Orange, Black Tuna, Blue Cheese, Bruce Banner, Bubba X Skunk, Bubblegum Kush, Comatose, Dark Star, Death Bubba, Death Star, Durban Poison, House Lemon Thai, Death Gas Mask, and OG Kush. Our newest strains will bring you the buzz and the feeling of safety. We offer health-related cannabis as well.

Quality Products

The variety we bring to you helps you get the relaxation you’ve been craving after a long day of work or when you want to chill with your friends. We bring to you the largest collection of Ganja Express medical cannabis at the lowest rates. We also offer free shipping for orders over $99. We are one of the safest and legal dispensaries situated in Canada. Not only do we offer medical marijuana in small quantities, but also in bulks all over Canada. After our ten successful years in the medical cannabis industry, we are proud to announce that we are one of the leading companies in the business right now. We believe in providing you the products of the highest quality. We guarantee to provide you with safe and effective medical marijuana.

It can be safely said that Ganja Express presents you with the best quality and the best quantity at the most reasonable prices. To check out our newest strains, click on the link and check this website out.