New Strains: Must try these four best new Ganjaexpress strains

Looking for some amazing strains for both medical use and some fun? Having amazing strains on your hand can not only make you feel good but can make you popular among many groups. Having authentic cannabis is a smart thing if you think about it. But the problem with finding a best online dispensary that provides exactly as they claim.

You can find these amazing strains from Ganja express, an online dispensary. This dispensary has been providing cannabis for medical reasons to every needy. Many cannabis lovers have trusted Ganja express for their needs. They have an amazing showcase of strains and free shipping if you buy above $99. They have been in the cannabis industry for about 10 years now but have managed to earn the trust of many customers now. You can find many strains on this dispensary, but here are a few strains that you need to try for sure.

New Strains Must try these four best new Ganjaexpress strains

(Premium) Mac

A very beautiful blend of floral and sweet flavor; this strain, Miracle Alien Cookie, has a very light and smooth orange aroma. The flavor ended with a very earthy finish which helps in reviving a depressed person. It has been used proudly for treating anxiety and depression.

$89 Oz – Green Goblin

The Green goblin is a prototype of a green crack plant. It has a very skunky aroma with a hint of diesel fuel smell. This amazing strain has been skunk number 1 across all the North. This strain is a must-try for all buzz lovers. The head buzz and the overall relaxing effects of the body have been a favorite of all cannabis lovers.

Jet Fuel OG

A very diesel-like taste that has a more gassy pungent aroma to it. This strain from Ganja express is Sativa dominant and has been known to have uplifting effects. Many users love the eventual relaxation effects that are dream-like; cannabis lovers who love to float should try these strains.

Sugar Cookies

A hybrid marijuana strain that is a very sweet and tropical flavor; It is a cross of three amazing strains, which parents a strain that is a favorite of many cannabis lovers.


Buying your cannabis from an online dispensary like Ganja express is a sure way of getting authentic cannabis and cannabis products.