Kush Strains: – Four best Ganja express Kush Strains

Are you interested in indica dominant strains? Have you ever tried buying your favorite strains of cannabis in bulk? Why not give it a try this time? Having a long-term supply of cannabis around and never worrying it might finish when sharing with yourself?

ganja express

Here is why you should buy cannabis in bulk from Ganja express

  1. It is cheaper on the pocket
  2. You can have it around when in pain
  3. Having cannabis around for both medical and enjoyment reasons.
  4. You can share your stash.
  5. It is very convenient.

Keeping all the reasons in mind, here are many Kush strains that you can buy in bulk and will be happy for sure.

Chemo Kush (Bulk)

This heavily alleged Indica strain is a proud strain used for chemotherapy pains with a very light tropical flavor and taste. It was once cultured in Jordan; this UBC Kush strain has been cultivated in Canada since the 1970s. It has been used for chronic pains, nausea, insomnia, etc.

Emily -Chemo Kush (Bulk)

Chem Kush has many variations, though the basic genetics is the same; the Emily strain of chemo Kush is used to treat side effects of chemotherapy. It has a little stronger flavor and has been known to enhance appetite, treat nausea, and help soothe pains and insomnia.

You can buy these strains at the best online dispensary, the Ganja express. It has been known to grow authentic marijuana and make different forms of cannabis. Having its distribution all around Canada, they have a very good reputation and multiple strains for sale. Buying in bulk from this dispensary has always been a plus point for cannabis lovers.

Woody Kush (Bulk)

Having a woody, earthy, and very pleasant aroma, the name of this Kush suits it well. A very potent Indica dominant strain, the woody Kush is used to knock you out in minutes. Having strong sedative effects, it has been used for many surgical procedures as well. This strain is used in uplifting moods, has analgesic and anti-spasm properties. Get this amazing strain at Ganja express


Kush strains are loved all around; these strains have done wonders and miracles for many. The online dispensary Ganja express has been known to distribute amazing cannabis strains.