Interesting Facts About Magic Mushrooms

Interesting Facts About Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybe cubensis, is one of the most popular magic mushrooms strain. The compounds called psilocybin and psilocin give this fungus its psychoactive properties. Apart from being a strong hallucinogen, these mushrooms have an interesting past and effects on the mind and body. You can purchase them at ganjaexpress

In the meantime, here are some facts about magic mushrooms you may not have known.

They Have Been Around for A While

Hallucinogenic mushrooms sold at ganjaexpress might have been around since as far as 9000 years ago, as can be seen in rock art found in the Sahara. Although the images are open to interpretation, they show figures holding mushroom like objects.

In Central America, the mushrooms have been used in religious, divinatory, and spiritual ceremonies way before the New World was discovered.

They Can Bring Out the Daredevil in You

One of the side effects of ‘shrooms sold by ganjaexpress is that they reduce your fear. This can make you feel more daring to take on challenging tasks and can even be used to treat PTSD. Either way, they can temporarily increase your bravery.

Magic Mushrooms Can Increase Creativity

Psychedelic substances are known for inspiring creative thoughts, and magic mushrooms are no exception. Other than boosting your mood, they can enhance your cognitive function, allowing you to let those creative juices flow.

They Might Be the Source of “Christmas Magic”

Every winter, hallucinogenic mushrooms sold by ganjaexpress would be gifted to households in Siberia. The hallucinating tribe members might have convinced themselves of flying reindeers, elves, and maybe even Santa!

They Could Make You a Better Person

The effects that psilocybin has on cognitive function, mood, and emotions can result in personality changes. People may find themselves being more creative, more grateful, and relaxed.

There’s More Than One Strain of Magic Mushrooms

Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean, alone have more than 50 species of psilocybin mushrooms. There have been at least 144 species of hallucinogenic mushrooms discovered around the world.

So, these trippy ‘shrooms are interesting for more than just their psychedelic effects. To get your own magic mushrooms, you can visit ganjaexpress.