Ganjaexpress Indica Strains

Ganja express holds the top position in websites that provide marijuana and many such products online and at affordable rates in Canada. Our online dispensary provides 24/7 service to the customers, and no one goes unsatisfied from our web page. Whether it’s Indica or Sativa, the products provided by Ganja express in each category are medically approved and cause no harm to the health of the customers.

The indica strains range from low to high concentrations and some of them are as follows:

Banana Sorbet

Ganja express brings you an Indica dominant hybrid strain, which makes it very effective for getting high. Banana Sorbet not only reduces stress but also its sour and heavy flavor leaves the customers stunned. This product is one of the mostly sold products on ganja express. The ingredients include Sunset Sherbet and Banana Kush, which is why it is named Banana Sorbet.

Blue Cheese

Ganja express Indica strain is the best cross between a blueberry and cheese. If you want to feel relaxed after having a long day at the office or work, you can go to ganja express online and order this product. In a short while, it will be delivered at your doorstep. This product has a sweet smell, which makes the customers long for it even more. Talking about the flavor, it has the combined taste of blueberry and cheese, but the creamy flavor of the cheese is dominant. So, if you’re a cheese lover, then this product will suit you well.


One of the best Indica strains available on the ganja express is comatose. This product not only relieves depression but also helps in getting rid of insomnia and many such mental conditions. It will make you feel highly lifted, and not just this, comatose has many medical benefits as well. So if you’re an indica lover, this product is good for you.

The best Ganja express Indica strains offered by our website won’t only heal you but also give your tongue a pleasant taste, and you’ll crave these products even more.